SikikScape 1 RSPS 317 Economy

SikiScape Event Bosses every 2 hours with EPIC rewards Raid items and moreU Unique starter kitLimited time Starter kits come with a Crate of Cats Multiple highscoresNormal player, Extreme player, Ironman Ultimate ironman each have their own highscores chart TWO Experience rates to choose fromNormal 150x Exp rates, no drop rate increase. Extreme 15x Exp rates, 10 Drop rate increase, A title dictating how EXTREME you are Double Experience Weekends Loyalty rewards every hour online you will receive these rewards GamblingDice Bag BonfiresRS3 like firemaking Custom Skin colors Upgrade-able armor Bandos i, Armadyl i, Barrows sets i More Custom wilderness monstersCrystal monsters that drop PVP set items such as Vesta Statius A Unique and creative, one of a kind touch on content and areas Dragon Flail

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