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Hello all Basic Information Cap 120 Skills120 RaceEUCH Exp 5x Automatic Equipment D1-D9 First 5 Player Get Lv 120 get 200 silk GoldDrop,Trade has been increased. Alchemy - x2.5 MaxStack - 5,000 Silk Per Hour - 1 Fortress - Jangan Only Until Reach alot of players Server Files - VSRO.188 -------------- Automatic Equipment -------------- Auto equipemt is a feature we have added it to our gameplay to help you while Powerlevel. our auto equipment will be from Dg 1-9 normal Items 3. ----------------------------- How To Get Sun Dg13 C Attck Unqiue Attack Unqiue Normal Get coin coin gold coin buy Arena coin 5 gold coin 1 arena coin gold coin in npc 100m gold ----------------------------- how to get coin coin ----------------------------- From Unqiue Normal so-ok npc 1 100m -------------------- how to get Arena coin -------------------- From Unqiue lv 120 118 JUPITER BAAL BABILION The Earth Zaliexe or buy from npc 1 arena 5 gold coin or from Arena Score Or Flag Win 2 lose 0

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