EpicIT WoW

EpicIT Brings you the classic WoW 3.3.5 Experience 1000Mb/s, 24/7 No Lag Beta Tests Now Open Rewards for Beta Testers! As an added bonus to all Beta Testers, You will receive the following: 1. 1 set of Heirloom Gear (Sholders,Chest, Weapon, 1 Trinket) for 1 class of your choice to help you level. Please speak to a GM (Make a Ticket) and when a GM is online and available you will be either mailed the items or have them placed in your inventory! 2. RaF Swift Zhevra,and X-53 Touring Rocket At the end of the Beta Period The Rocket Will Be Given BlizzLike but 1.5x Exp + Gold Rates Notched up a bit to help you get started! 1.5x Tavern/City Rest Rates Every little bit of experience helps! .5x Auction Rates Those taxes were just ridiculous! More Realms Versions to come! Resurrecting WoWEmu's Kadaj Server under new Management!

Website: http://wow.epic-it.ca
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