After years of KnightOnline adventure We invite you to the oldest Knight Online era . We made a decision and we are living a MY-KO .NET project to make up for your yearning. Myko project Turkey-germany-france-english-spanish-peru-denmark-usa-mainly in the country. International PVP server work.Private databases and a professional editorial team will take you to the first years of the KnightOnline World, bringing those old days to life and driving you to an unsatisfied adventure. Promotions mainly in TURKEY - PERU, ENGLAND and USA. We are aware of the madness that you have on servers that open up and can not wait for a week. That is why we stand by our valuable players and want to remove the problem of closing. We are a professional team. We expect you guys to give us a chance and support you. We want you to know that our server is active for a long time and will provide the best service for you. There is no contradiction in the nature of myko servers such as ITEM and EDIT SALES in our server. We want to let you know that we are new with the opening and closing MYKO servers. In this project we have been working on long time, we have made high investments with the support of our sponsors It is designed and prepared professionally in the best way ... You too in this special opening MY-KO .NET We are very pleased to see you as a team.

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