RAN Universe EP9

100% Balanced All Class Combo based server Anti pots, Anti skill effect Semi Official EP9 Interface Updated features - TargetInfo - PK Streak - Cha Render - Right Click function - Item Preview - Stats calculator - Item Box Viewer 7 to 237 Official skills Updated EP9 Items Many choices of Weapons and Sets - Godzilla Weapons - Planescape Weapons - Infinite Weapons - Anomalies Weapons - Miracle Weapons - ThunderClap Weapons - Astral Weapons - Almighty Weapons - ELF Set - Special Angel Set - Black Dragon Set - Angel and Devil Baron Set - Iori Yagami Set - Mai Shiranui Set - Kof King Set Party leveling system ( All Class Contributes ) Hunt your Own items ( Set/Weap/Acce ) Max level 300 Max reborn 25 NO OVERPOWER CLASS NO OVERPOWER SKILLS NO DONATE ITEM NO EDITED ITEMS NO BIAS STAFFS NO GM ITEMS Club War School War Daily events Monthly raffles Want more? Come and join us now!

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