WebSite : http://www.xilero.net Forums : http://www.xilero.net/forums/index.php Quest Items : http://www.xilero.net/forums/showthread.php?s=bc7543285f6b16fd06874a4a13cf05b3&t=46889 XileRO Android : http://www.xilero.net/forums/showthread.php?s=eb0ef37dce7fa5abf883e5beca25bae1&t=47189 Home Town: Prontera Max Lvl: 255/70 (3rd Adv. Jobs) PK Server - 1k/1k/2k rates (XP/SP/Drop) - Custom Rates Commands: @go, @warp, @who2, @storage, @gstorage, @autoloot and @mi, /stat+ amount Server Specs: 3.2 QuadCore , 32gb Enhanced DDR3, Linux OS, 1gb/s Dedicated line, Customized eAMod Deticated Super Server XiLeRO PK Original: Awesome Custom Equips/Dungeons/Mobs/NPCs/Quest 2v2 - 3v3 - CTF - Weekend WoE - Thousands of Custom Items/Mobs/Maps Server Features: Fully Balanced 3rd Jobs Level up fast (300% Exp Rental Scrolls) Instant cast: 150dex PVP Ladder Job Changer Character Sex Changer Character Level Reducer 3rd Baby Jobs available Stat / Skill Resetter Rental Sets as same as donation items Stylist (290Hair Colors, 93 Hair Styles, 530 Cloth Color) Special Hair Styles for Accessories (Rental + Quest ) Healer Warper Headgear Set quest Tool dealer Card Remover Costume system Automated Events *More to come* XileRO's Events - MvP Raid Jumper Event Poring Punch Poring Race Last Man Standing As close to lag-free and stable as humanly possible. 24/7 uptime on all servers.

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