Heaven Perfect World

- 6 races, 12 classes, Free To Play, PK PVP everytime, everywhere. - Support Multi-Languages Client include English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese... and more if you request - Server Version 1.5.5 with 1.5.7 Items Fashions, Flyers, Rides from PWI Wonderland with Elements version 204. - Max lv 105 with 2nd reawakening. All items same with PWI. - Get free 3 times to level up 101. First you will level up 101 and you can train to 105 or reawakening. Second after your first reawakening, you will get free level up 101 and you can train to 105 or reawakening again. Final after your second reawakening, you will get free level up to 101. Now you must up all to 105. - Free 2 bilions spirit to up skills and genie. No free gold. - Free Max Cultivation - Free full Skill Lv10, buy skillbook in Boutique. - More needed items added in Boutique. Vote to get Cubi Free. - Make Quest to get Title same PWI. - Craft items must be found in dungeon same PWI. - Rate x10 Experience x100 Spirit X2 Gold x2 Drop

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