Sro Nay

Welcome to the New Private Server SRO Nay Race CH - EU Level Cap130 Mastery Cap390 Skills New Skills Lvl 130 20 Reverse return scroll 28 Days Rabbit Grap Pet 100m Gold 200 Silk - Only the first week Forgotten World Enabled Capture The Flag Enabled - Every 2 hours. FortressWar Hotan Jangan Constantinople Bandit FortressWar 2 times a week Saturday 0700 GMT2, Tuesday 0700 GMT2 FortressWar Registration Everyday - 0600 AM - 0500 PM New Coin System All avatars to date are added and working. All Fellow Pets added. New Quests Old Job Suits added. 100 Magic Pop Success until 10DG SoS items. Lots of zerk titles. Stackable Items 2500 units Custom weapon glows All regions enabled. New custom teleporter. New areas added. New Skill Effects. PvP Arenas Event Arena Item Cap D15 Exp300x PartyExp350x SkillPointsExp30x Gold Drop20x Item Drop25x SoX Drop200x Alchemy Rate15 JobOld System 150x

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Date Signed Up: 2017-02-14 18:46:09
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