CPG-Networks EP9 7class Ran Online

CPG NETWORKS RAN ONLINE EP9 CLASSIC X MIDRATE Invite your friends here Come and Join Us NO TO SPOON FEED NO TO DUMMY FB ACCOUNTS ANTI-BOGUS Event days will be Friday to Sunday Mixed eventsPiso event, Slot event, Mobs event, PK event and many more CPG Networks Server Features Well Manage Server Smooth GamePlay HackShield Protected Advanced DDoS Protection Reliable Stable Playable Sustainable 1yr Contract sa Vps Long Term Server 7 Balanced Classes Max Level 300 up to 237 Original Skill Max Upgrade 15 Open Map No Map Quest But with Level Requirement Bonus Time Gauge Hunt based system Counter Play Gaming Diskarteng Malupit Club Wars - 800pm to 900pm School Wars Active Official Tyranny with top winners Right Click Function EquipUn-Equip Character Viewer Anti Edited System Target Character Information Player Kill Streak Add Stats Command Item Preview Item Link Battle Field UI Item Crafting Dual Pet Skill Premium Services Available Illegal 3rd Party App detection Auto DC Hackshield Protected Gametime Points System And of course, many more

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