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Welcome to MistPS We are ever so happy you have taken your time to come and preview our newly made OSRS server. A server which has flourished in the past days it has been online. The server welcomes those who risked and staked in OS Runescape through Pking, as well as, those who have adventured the daring woods of wildy in search for bosses to gain the gear to fight their foes. Of course we can sit here and talk all day about the wonders of OSRS, but there is one fact, PKing will never die. It has respawned People ask me what makes you different from servers like you that have been up in the past and have gone down I answer very simply and respectfully, we will not go down, Furthermore, I also have played other servers in the past where you login and Pk for hours, however, you dont feel satisfied at the end of those endless hours. But here in MistPS, theres a completely different vibe, a vibe of satisfaction and a vibe of pride and honor. We are a server that has a great base of players who want to Pk as much as you want to Pk, people who want to duo bosses the same way you want to duo bosses, a leader Mist who is ready to help you before you deem to ask. This is MistPs, the wonder of OSRS Pk. Features of MistPS A perfect balance between PvP and Economy The Wilderness target system designed exactly like that of OSRS with the set timer and expiration The latest OSRS content, lightheavy ballista and all other OS weapons and armour A wide range of dungeons and training areas, including but not limited to Demonic Gorillas, Lizard Shamans, Nieves Stronghold Slayer Cave and more All of the Wilderness bosses that dare you to come and venture Buy and sell items from other players easily and effortlessly with the OS trading tabs A left-click attack option to even comfort those who Pk with special settings Full integration between the website, forum and server The first and ONLY server with fully operating bots in wildy that you can fight for drops - they are realistic, as well as animalistic haha Professional, mature staff team that wait for your call and a leader that codes to make the server bigger and better The most content packed OSRS Pk server to date httpswww.mistps.com Play Now Media Infernal Cape PKing Bots for pures and maxed Working Multi-Pk zones for the real OSRS Pk players Working Callisto and Venenatis with animations Working Vespula Working Tekton Pk Shop 1 Pk Shop 2 IMGIMG Pk Shop 3 All prayer books and magic books working More Media Obsidian Armour

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