L2 Order VS Chaos [Factions]

Two factions: Order and Chaos. * Faction choosable when creating a new character. * Adena, exp and sp rewarded from pvp kills and flag capturing. * Faction teleporter with the ability to teleport to faction's locations. * No CTRL needed ! * Automatic event engine every 40 minutes with special rewards. * Anti-Farm system. * Vote reward system every certain amount of votes. * All epic bosses are level 80. * Special farm zones for dwarf to farm for materials to craft S-grade weapons and armors. * All new players start at level 70. * Mana potions allowed with reuse. * 100% working auguments. * Enchants scrolls drop from flag guards. * 100% balanced gameplay and economical system. * Buffs will not dissapear after death * Title system, every 50 kills players will earn better ingame titles * Adena reward from killing enemy faction players - more adena gained when killing players under killing spree. * Players cannot buff and heal enemies, healers get rewarded for healing and resurrecting friendly players * Olympaid period 2 weeks, retail like olympiad (people fight regardless of their faction) * Unstuck 20 seconds and will teleport player to his base according to faction. * Shops disabled. * Augmenter NPC * Full AIO Buffer * Clan reputation item - buyable for adena in GM shop * Noble item - buyable in GM shop for adena and MSS (noble farming zone) * Divine inspiration books - level 1-2 buyable in GM shop, level 3 from grand bosses and level 4 from hero * MP potions and CP potions are enabled. * Buff duration 4 hours * In case you get cancelled, buffs will come back after 7 seconds * Necromancers cannot buff their pets (Avoid being OP) * Anti buff skill enabled * Skill enchanter NPC * Special GateKeeper reward for capturing zones. * Summoning skills are removed from the game. * GM shop - B grade items free (excluding enchants), A grade for adena and S grade for materials and adena (Spoilers farming zone) * Killing spree messages * 24 + 4 buff slots * A faction cannot have more than 10% players than enemy faction * Faction changer NPC. * Special map system with voting for next map and a couple of map types. * Aamzing balance modifications. * No weight limit. * 5 Seconds spawn protection. * 66% normal enchant rate, 75% blessed enchant rate * Safe enchant +3 max +16 * Subclasses start at level 70. * Special enchant zone.

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