Skull island Online

Max Level 120 Solo 10 Party 15 Drop 20 Pet Growth Rate 1000 Max Status 120 Max Pet Level 50 With Normal fruits and with Improved Fruits Level Max Apparel Upgrade 120 Classe balance Mazes Chaos Argent, Arena Island, Demonic World 1,2,3,4, Forsaken City 1,2,3, Dark Swamp, Barbaric Arena 1, 2, 3 Leveling Isle, Run for Fun, Ruins of Despero, Coloseum PvP, Abaddon 5-8, Abaddon 10-17, Abaddon 18 and others Money map Fish island, Cake 100k note, wood for 15k Chaos Point for itens Neck, rings and others Npc Global Pk ranking New skills, New pets, New App, New map Vip System, Top Sytem, reputation exchanger Maps DropsItems Set Death 3 kals runestone, cap 3 kal, Unseals lv 75 2 kals Unseals lv 85 luck 3 King of Embleme Unseals lv 95 For Quest Gens great, Azz, bds and Uniques rings, gens neck rebirth 1,2,3 Quest Daily Quests Colored name Neck Swing Sytem Gens Azz, great, bds and unique -Quest set kylin lv 85 -Daily Quest DS,FC for neck lv 45,55 and 120 Daily Quest Boss Dw 1,2,3 exchanger reputation Daily Quest Boss Black Dragon for Swings

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