IOI-Island of Imagination

Island of Imagination Server Mid Hard Exp: 6x Party Exp: 9x Drop Rate: 5x Pet Growth : 1000x Max Lv: 100 Gold: Ash wood log. Kal runes: DW1,DW2 Chests/B1/B2/Fox Sage(Spring)/Lizard Commander(Summer), DS Chest. King Emblem: CA expert chests and Last Player gets 3 Kings, Last DS Boss. Equips: Uns 45: at npc. Uns 55: 9 elven fruit and 99 cashmere. ( get quest near Argent tele ) Uns 65: B1 and B2( get quest near Argent tele ) Uns 75: 30 Kals. Uns 85: 50 kings. Uns 95: 99 kals + 99 kings. some gems at Shaitan Blacksmith Assistant and Argent Blacksmith Assistant Newbie Quest: Gets lv30. 1st reb is kinda easy, 2nd reb its harder, 3rd reb its harder than the 2nd. Active GMs, no bugs, anti-dupe. is a well balanced server. We are in beta, so we have no mall for now, afterwards there will be, but it still will be balanced, and there will be no wipe after beta. PS: All bugs fixed, Patch is here: http://www.4shared.c...r/Gfad4Oax/IOI_ now get your @ss here: register, and have fun. Don't forget to invite your friends and like us on facebook: https://www.facebook...3618065?fref=ts

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