iMake Ran Online

-247 Online Dedicated Server -EP 9 Gameplay 7 CLASS SERVER -EP 9 Interface -Massive PvP CWRRSW Activated -Easy Leveling Maps 1 mob 1 level -Regen and Combo Based Server -PK Streak Enabled -Donation OPTIONAL -Active and Friendly Staffs No BIAS -CW Activated Everyday 8pm-9pm -Level 350 Cap Level -No Reborn System -Skills 7-237 UNLOCK UPON CREATION - Anti Skills HP Cuts Enabled -Potion Tray Lock -Right-click Function -Additional Set Info -Enable duel in Market -No IMBA SKILLS1hit skills -Stable and Long Term Server -NO PAY TO WIN

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Date Signed Up: 2016-10-28 22:36:07
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