HopeMu Season9 Battle Core

HopeMu Server Info Server exp 1500x Master exp 1500x Drop 50 Exec Drop 20 Max Stats 65535 Master Max Lvl 330 Reset Info Reset lvl 400 Reset cost 5000000 Max reset 200 Points per lvl 57 Reset points Disappear After reset get point 3500 Server ather Info Post level and cost 30lvl 100000 Bot buff Time and Cost 30Min 50000 Elf buff max lvl 220 Monster min level for Master Exp 50 Use Bot lvl and Cost 80 20000 Guild create lvl 150 Party Info Normal Party2 ExpBonus 160 Normal Party3 ExpBonus 180 Normal Party4 ExpBonus 200 Normal Party5 ExpBonus 220 Commands Info addstr points Add stats addagi points Add stats addvit points Add stats addene points Add stats addcmd points Add stats online Users on server pkclear Clear pk status ware number Switch wares war guild name Guild war prop player name Propose a marry accept Accept marry proposal teleport Teleport to your marriage partner divorce Allows to divorce setparty password Allows to set password for AutoParty system offtrade Activate off-trade sale Event Info Arca War Blood Castle Devil Square White Wizard Invasion Golden Invasion Skeleton King Imperial Guardian Chaos Castle SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Gens System and Vulcanus Fight and much more

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