Simp Cabal ep 10 Welcome to SIMP Cabal currently running on ep 10 , server dedicated to gamers from all around the world with great connectivity for Asia and USA and also good connectivity for Europe and other regions. The server rates are :Exp rate : 300x Skill xp : 500x SP : 500x Wexp : 5x AXP :25xPet Exp : 20x Drop rate : 30x + 3 DROPS PER MOB The server is running on full ep8 files and also has the new ep9 and 10 features added as well : 1. Fully working new armor sets and weapons and accesories from ep10 , named Acredinium ( dropable on Arcane Golem Boss with 14% amp crafts ) 2. The new Arcane trace fully working and with the Arcane Boss with great drops ( Acredinium Sets ,slot extenders , perfect cotes and AMP Scrolls ) 3. The new ep10 transcender skills with adjusted dmg to make them balanced. And we are currently planning on adding eod b3f dungeon , and hardcore chanels to provide more chalenging pve dungeons and with greater rewards on drops! Join now the revolution of action and create your own path to glory and wealth! Simp WoW Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a imp WoW - 3.3.5a Low - Medium rates Welcome to Simp World of warcraft running currently on Wrath of the Lich King update 3.3.5a. The Server will be a blizzlike server with low to medium rates. We are planning a long term server and we are promoting as well pvp and raiding too! Website : SimpWoW Server info: -Xp Rate on kill : 5x -Xp rate on quest : 5x -Rate on item drop for all kinds of items its 5x -Reputation rate is 5x -Gold rate is 3x -Honor points rate is 3x The server is running on a dedicated server with very good connectivy for Asia and USA and good connection for Europe players. Join now the action and walk your own path to glory and wealth in this breath taking world filled with action and lots of things to do like raiding , pvp-ing , questing , leveling , crafting and much more! Create your own guild , invite your own friends and establish your own community in the huge universe of Simp World of Warcraft!

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