Cultmu Server Grand Opening 1. July

10.00 UTC -5 America 16.00 UTC 2 Europe Custom features maxlvl of wings 3lvl, jewels bless,soul,chaos,life,creation, game ranking, guild raning, top voters, top pvp Last Stand, top duels, top DS BC IT CC CS, Online players, Married, WEB MARKET, offtrade, offexp, offstores for credits, New bosses Reset stats Reset skills Reset skill tree Unstuck characters Clear inventory Clear pk character panel or type ingame pkclean Achievements Custom anti hack Boss monster kill notice Exp 600 dynamic, more resets, less exp, -3 exp every reset Reset Stats Burns, 350 Free stats all classes, Unlimited Resets , reset 5kk Reset from 400lvl Reset reward 15 Free gold coins every reset Grand Reset Stats Burns, 500 Free stats all classes, Grand Reset from 400lvl Free credits every grand reset Mubot from 20 lvl EXP 600X DROP 30 BC ON CC ON IT ON CWON CS ON SPOTS YES GM EVENTS YES BLESS100 SOUL60 SOULLUCK 75 LIFE60 Referrals Use your referral to invite friends and earn credits Customs Exchange system Web Bank Offtrade system with zen, credits, wcoins, change class, rename character, transfer character, transfer coins OffExp - AFK system, get exp when your offline offafk Bonnus for staying ingame 60 Minutes 100 Goblin Points Bonus for events WCoins for BC 6 Blood Castle WCoins for DS 6 Devil Square WCoin for CC 8 Chaos Castle WCoin for CW 35 CryWolf WCoin for NM 35 Nightmare WCoin for IT 10 Illusion Temple Classic And MORE New party system autoparty, get friend players in party after whisper a password, more experience for race party Full HD Windows SpeedBug Fix Fixed all agility bugs

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Date Signed Up: 2016-05-19 06:01:49
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