★ Agaroth317 ★ GE ★ Zulrah★ 24 skills ★ 26 Bosses ★ Boss pets ★ Dungeon & summon

15+ bosses, including 100% Nex and Kalphite Queens with stages Full clanchats with lootshare & coinshare & ranks Ironman, Ultimate ironman, Hardcore ironman Full bank system with searching, tabs and pins Full screen & resizable client & HD textures Dungeoneering with parties/complexity 100% Runescape grand exchange Loyalty programme with 30+ titles Ingame highscores & scoreboards Bounty hunter with potential 100+ Achievements 25+ Boss pets Perfect combat with soaking and deflecting Overload, extreme and recovery potions Automatic double Experience weekends Curses & newest regular prayers Well of goodwill for double exp Quickprayers & Quickcuses PvP drops & Killstreaks Correct fight styles Dwarf multicannon Chat emoticons Price checker Pathfinder Poisoning 2 Quests Pest control Warriors guild Chaos tunnels Shooting stars Nomad minigame Flawless duel arena Full barrows minigame Fight caves & Fight pits Puro Puro hunter minigame Custom graveyard minigame Money pouches Brawling gloves Effigy crafting Crystal chest PvP artifacts Daily lottery Drop logs Bank pins ----- Click here for full information: http://www.rune-server.org/toplist/detail/9855/Agaroth_24_skills_Ge_Eco/

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