BOOM Ran Online

Website Page httpswww.facebook.comboomranonlinerefbookmarks Group httpswww.facebook.comgroupsboomranonline BOOM Ran Online For Laptop and Desktop only. FEATURES Open All Map Level Required Sphere 1-17 NPC E-Games Gameplay Official Random Value 4 Random Value Direct Value Item Rebuild Card Dual Seal Card Item Link Dual Pet Skill Crafting System 100 Balanced Gaming Official Old School Gameplay Pots based server Party leveling system All Class Contributes 5 Balanced Class Swordsman, Brawler, Shamman, Archer, Extreme Skills up to 167 Like Official Ran PH E- Games 10 Max Upgrade Last Set Dark Lunar Last Weapon Sovereign Hunt your Own items Set Weapon Accessories Pk Streak Hp Bar Target info Official Chat Old Map and Old Mobs Ran PH Stats base Max level 210 Tyranny Official Ran GS Mechanics SPP Map Royal Rumble Club Wars Premium Shop E Points Online Points V Points Freebies Upon Creation 7 195 Armor Permanent 7 Last Weapon 7D Novice Package 5 Back Pack Back Point Pass 3D Start Point Pass 3D Tele Card 3D Bus Card 3D 9 Board 5D 25 HPMPSP Newbie Glasses 7D Ultima Rosary 3D Pet Card Box Turtle Card 3D pet skills pick up money Want More Come and Join us

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