Memoirs CAP 80 EUCH Low Rate Job Based Play2Win And more

CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.coml3SIb.pngIMG This is... COLORDarkRedMemoirs SroCOLOR BAgain B IMGexpandable 0httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG IMGexpandable 0httpi.epvpimg.comHggXb.pngIMG HomePage COLORdarkredURLhttpmemoirs-sro.compgnewsMemoirs SroURLCOLOR Register COLORdarkredURLhttpmemoirs-sro.compgregMemoirs SroURLCOLOR Download COLORDarkRedURLhttpmemoirs-sro.compgdlMemoirs SroURLCOLOR Facebook URLhttpswww.facebook.comMemoirs-1572206693085499frefnfCOLORRedMemoirs SroCOLORURL IMGexpandable 0httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comnsJTg.pngIMG tableheadCOLORDarkRedInformationCOLORCOLORDarkRedValueCOLOR Server NameMemoirs Online Degree8 Cap80 Mastery Cap240 Races EUCH Experience7x Party Experience8x Item Drop Rate9x SoX Drop Rate7x Gold Drop Rate8x Job Rate20x Alchemy RateCustom Fortress WarJangan Only table IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG BSIZE4COLORDarkRedACOLORlchemy COLORDarkRedRCOLORateSIZEB tableheadCOLORDarkRedRateCOLORCOLORDarkRedValueCOLOR 150 240 335 430 525 620 715 810 95 103 112 121 Max table IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG BSIZE4COLORRedNewCOLOR COLORDarkRedUpgradeCOLOR System SIZEB IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comvi5Id.jpgIMG SIZE3BWhen you use this COLORDarkRedUpgradeCOLOR Scroll while wearing something Dg8 Seal Of Moon 10 Or More, its going to Upgrade to Seal Of Sun 3 BSIZE IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG B-Removed Job penalty. -Remove Guild Penalty -Weekly updates. -Forgotten World.B IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG B-2x Mob spawn rate.B GALLERYtitle 2Ximage httpi.epvpimg.com9QI6f.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG B-8th Degree stones disabled from drop you need to collect tablets. -Unique spawn time decrease to 130h 230h. -Fortress War Time Saturday 1900 GMT 2100 GMT2 -CTF enabled reward CTF Coins. -3 Items in npcs until 8 degree for easier leveling. -Guild limit 32 players, Union Limit 4 guilds. -Unlimited Union chat. B IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG B -Global chatting, pandora boxes every 10 levels.B GALLERYtitle Memoirsimage httpi.epvpimg.comY4igf.jpg image httpi.epvpimg.comC5mqb.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG SIZE4COLORDarkOrangeSCOLORtart COLORDarkOrangeICOLORtemsSIZE BtableheadCOLORDarkRedBeginnerCOLORCOLORDarkRedItemsCOLOR -3 Inventory Pages -100.000Gold -50.000SP -1x 60Exp Helper -1x 100Exp Helper -5xReverse Return Scrolls -1xMemoirs Premium Gold Time 3 Days -20xInstant Return Scrolls -20xBeginner Speed Scrolls -1000xHP Potions -1000xMP Potions -1x3 Days Grab Pet -1xDevil Spirit Grade B -1xMemoirs Outfit MFtableB GALLERYtitle Start itemsimage httpi.epvpimg.comJ5N5c.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG BImrpoved StacksB IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comsGI3g.pngIMG IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG BYou can have Seal of Sun weapons until 6 degrees from Potion NPC in each town.B GALLERYtitle 6 DGimage httpi.epvpimg.comku63b.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG B8DG Moon items can be gained by doing Forgotten World Quest.B GALLERYtitle 8 DGimage httpi.epvpimg.comGdEnd.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG B-Guild level is 5 once you create one. -Memoirs Stone Trader Npc. BGALLERYtitle Memoirsimage httpi.epvpimg.comd7UFd.jpg image httpi.epvpimg.comvi5Id.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG B-Memoirs Protector and Jewel Trader Npc. GALLERYtitle NPCimage httpi.epvpimg.com6fXtb.jpg image httpi.epvpimg.comfZI3h.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG -Str uniques Int chars cant kill them. GALLERYtitle STRimage httpi.epvpimg.comIhrBg.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG -OldSchool PvP Capes BGALLERYtitle PVPimage httpi.epvpimg.comkeOec.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG -BThree New avatar dress will be added to Item Mall weekly. GALLERYtitle Avatarsimage httpi.epvpimg.comZXELg.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG -Quest Manager npc, Unique Slayers quests, mob Hunt quests which give you lots of SP and EXPB GALLERYtitle QUESTimage httpi.epvpimg.comt9p3h.jpgGALLERY IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG BSIZE5COLORDarkOrangeJCOLORob COLORDarkOrangeSCOLORystemSIZEB B-Job Coins you can buy 8D SOM set partsaccessorys with this coins. -COLORRedNoteCOLOR you able to do this systems if your level above 50 and job level is 3 or above -Traders go jobbing as usuall , automatic receive Job Coins when they Relog. -Their Contribution gets saved as well and you can receive more than 2.134 Bill contribution. We dont have a limit for contribution, at last you need 3stars or 3x1 star. -Trader needs 3 stars trade or above and level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins. -Trader Gain 30 Job Joins Each trade he do. -Hunter should cover 3 star or above trade and also need level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins. -Hunter Gain 25 Job Joins Each trade he Cover. -Thief should Stole 3 star or above trade and also need level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins. -Thief Gain 30 Job Joins Each trade he stole. B IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG BSIZE4COLORDarkOrangeACOLORnti-COLORDarkOrangeCCOLORheat COLORDarkOrangeSCOLORystemSIZEB Reverse scrolls reverse scrolls cannot be used during job mode. IP limit you can only open a maximum of two accounts per IP. Stall Delay you can only open a stall once each 30 seconds. Restart Exit Delay you can only restart or exit the game once every 30 seconds. IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG BSIZE4COLORDarkOrangeFCOLORree COLORDarkOrangeSCOLORilk COLORDarkOrangeSCOLORystem SIZEB You can get 1 silk per hour after level 80. IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG BSIZE5COLORRedGame RulesCOLORSIZEB tableheadCOLORDarkRedNumberCOLORCOLORDarkRedRuleCOLOR 1Do not use spam bot in towns. 2Do not advertise bots. 3No racist globals. 4Usage of invisible patch is illegal. Players will get instant ban for using it. 5Key pressersAuto select is not allowed. 6Bot is allowed.table BSIZE4COLORDarkRedSomeCOLORthing Else SIZEB The Server is Going to be Online in a couple of Hours, Get Ready For The BATTLE mofo Tell my about your BOpinions,B BQuestionsB, BAny Visible ProblemB, Or When we open if you Bfound any bugB by leaving a Comment. BSIZE5COLORDarkRedSomeCOLORthing Else SIZEB BThe First 20 Players Will Get Avatar 150 Silk pimpB You will have to Send Your IDChar Name to BURLhttpswww.facebook.comMemoirs-1572206693085499The Facebook Page.URLB BSIZE7COLORDarkRedSomeCOLORthing Else SIZEB BNothing left, just kiddin vB CENTER

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