Runerebels-2006 remake (over 2 years of development)

With over 2 years of development and over 150,000 lines of code, Runerebels is the most persistent and developed 06 remake ever to be done. Why should you join? Runerebels is not "just another remake", it is referred to as THE remake. We are very professional with what we do and while other developers don't even touch their work, our staff is on daily to make sure the players get what they once experienced. Although many have been in development, Runerebels has been persistantly developing since 2011 with the vision of nostalgia in the back of our minds. We never put anything before the players and are constantly developing content night and day. We have THE MOST content done ever in a 06 remake. While others look towards the money and their own selfish needs, we will be their developing without a single dollar sign in mind. Through better or for worse, we can guarantee all you players that you will never have to look for another remake for years to come. Links Download : Website: Webclient: Forums: Please also note that any members content is absolutely free and requires no payment whatsoever. Key Features -2X XP rate -99.9% uptime -Friendly staff -Dedicated Developers -Multiple worlds to play on -Compatible with PC/Mac/Linux Server features: Multiple worlds that can support up to 2000 players each Siri Integration Working music system Skills: F2P: Combat Styles: Attack: Correct attack styles Correct equipment bonuses Strength: Attack styles Equipment bonuses Defence: Correct attack styles Ranged: Correct animations Correct attack styles Correct equipment bonuses Working bows Working throwing weapons Prayer: Correct animations Correct amount of xp per bone All bones bury-able Working altars Working monastery Magic: Correct animations Correct equipment bonuses All spells fully functionable Working teleports Correct Low & High Alching prices Hitpoints: Correct health regeneration Crafting: Correct animations Crafting guild is fully functionable Gem cutting Tanning Armour crafting Spinning & picking flax Jewellery making Mining: Correct animations Correct formulas Correct respawn times Mining guild is fully functionable All ores working Prospecting Smithing: Correct animations Correct formulas (even for Iron Ore) All bars smeltable All armour smithable Working anvils Fishing: Correct animations Correct formulas Fishing guild is fully functionable Fully functional fishing spots All fish catchable Cooking: Correct animations Correct formulas Chef's Guild is fully functionable All meat cookable Potatoes Firemaking: Correct animations Correct formulas All logs burnable Woodcutting: Correct animations All trees cuttable Trees respawn Runecrafting: Rune Mysteries Quest All altars fully functionable Working tiaras All runes craftable Multiples Members: Agility: Work In Progress Herblore: Druidic Ritual Quest All potions working Thieving: Correct formulas Correct animations Stall thieving Npc thieving Fletching: Correct animations Correct interfaces All logs can be fletched Arrow fletching Bow fletching Stringing bows Slayer: Vannaka Slayer shop Working slayer tasks Farming: Correct animations Correct formulas Working seeds Weeds Diseases Working compost and compost bin Allotments Hops Bushes Flowers Herbs Trees Combat: Correct animations Attack styles Attack style bonuses Quests: Doric's Quest, Imp Catcher, Rune Mysteries, Sheep Shearer, Cook's assistant,Lost CityDruidic Ritual Minigames Castle Wars Duel Arena Random events: Freaky Forester Axe/Pickaxe Heads Detaching Evil Chicken Genie Nests Guilds F2P Guilds Champions' Guild Cook's Guild Crafting Guild Mining Guild Monastery P2P Guilds Fishing Guild Thieves' Guild Bosses Giant Mole Miscellaneous Features: Ability to host several worlds at once Working Highscores Perfect clipping 100% Correct NPC dialogues Correct energy & weight formulas Working chat effects Working development tools for quick and easy updates Complicated stuff A plugin system that allows easy enabling and disabling of features such as skills and mini games, as well as complete customization. Two completely different servers can be created by just changing the plugin configuration, all using the same .jar for the engine. Version support (such as 317, 508, etc.) is added through plugins, so new client revisions can always be adding while still utilizing existing code. Currently, 317, 459, 474, 508, 562, 613 (with 614 cache), and 637 are supported. 317 and 508 are the most implemented revisions. Supports 2000 simultaneous active players, not bots that stand and do nothing! Integration with MySQL to load information, such as item definitions, that fits perfectly into a database structure and allows collaborative editing of all the information contained in it. Super fast event based engine for game logic that is elegant and simplistic. Multiple IO support, choice of Netty, Apache Mina, or Java NIO. All IO runs in separate threads from the game logic and can scale to multiple CPU cores. Fully functional staff website to control mutes, bans, trade locks, jailing, and even variable offense types. It also features a full account editor and log viewer, as accounts are stored in the database. Both the server and the website also integrate perfectly with SMF forum accounts. Customized login server to load and save accounts that also integrates with SMF. It also serves as a central hub to allow all the game worlds to communicate with each other; as the server has multiple world support, and the friends list and other data can be shared among worlds. (Which makes future global information, such as Clan Chat data, easy to implement!) Social Media Twitter: Youtube: Staff team Owner and Operator Ry60003333 Kevin James Allgofree Developers Sean Jake JT Alex Content manager JT Graphics Designer Petter Community Manager Austin Global Moderator Prayer Player Moderator Francis Kendall Garnu Forum Moderator Dug Quest Developers N0va Common Questions Answered Q:What is the XP rate? A:The XP rate is currently 2X Q:Does this have members content? A:Yes, but not everything is working 100% so expect bugs and some things to not be working properly just yet. Q:Do I have to pay to play, or at least for members content? A:Everything is absolutely free and all payments to us will be directed straight towards the server and will get nowhere near our own pockets. Q:Will rares ever be added to the game? A:There are currently 2 rares in the game: Bunny ears and sweets, and we are definitely planning on adding more.

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