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Pvp.Pve Server With FGW ----------------------------- Cap 110 Items EGY A EGY B EGY C New Skills New Quests ----------------------------- some hint about the game that will help you 1- with 1 gold you can get Item Nova 7 Lucky Steady ston Elixeers Free So U Can Make 2- Kill Uniques to get some of arena and V-coin Normal Uniques 10 Arena Coin Jupiters 10 R-Coin 3- arena and CTF work Arena 7 arena winner , 2 Loser CTF --- 1 kill 1 R-Coin 4- new skill you can get new skill that will help you to kill your enemey and be strong with our new quest it is will be crazy grin item info EGY A from NPC with Coin Too Little Coin EGY B From NPC with A Good Price Of Coin EGY C From FGW reward is scroll Upgrade From EGY B To EGY C i hope all love the game and join us fast Rio-sro team

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