Shaiya Imperium

Episode 5 Max Level 70 4PvP Areas 15,30,60,70 EXP Rate x50 KILL Rate x1 Linking Rate Max Linking Chance is 50. Lapis Max Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lapis Lv1 Lv2, Flash and Sonic Lapis Lv1, Debuff Lapis Lv6, Absorption Lapis Lv5 Lv6. Items NO Custom Items, NO Knockout Nostrum, Ending Equipments Lv70. Free Ending Gears for PvP areas 15,30,60. Free Buffs The 30 Days Continues Resurrection, Prevent Item Drop and Eternal Endurance renews every time you login. Stable Economy Server Gold is highly valuable. You can sell or buy any item you desire with it. Shaiya Points Can be obtained through Vote System, PvP Rewards and In-Game at Events or by Donations. Enhanced Server Server is hosted in a well known DDoS Protected company. Account Security Website is running under a Secured Socket Layer. Cross Faction Trade This allow you to trade items with opposite faction in Auction House. Active, friendly Staffs to keep the game safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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