Onyx RAN Classic

SERVER INFORMATION CLUB WARS MON WED SAT 800 - 900 PM GMT 8 SURYUN INUMAN FRI 700 - 800 PM GMT 8 GAME FEATURES Authentic EP1 Gameplay Circa 2006 Mid EXP Rate Mid Drop Rate 4 Original Character Classes 155 Level Cap 147 Max Skill 9 Max Upgrade 10 Max RV Quest Based Maps Hunt Based Items Bonus Time Gauge Enabled Club Wars Enabled Monthly Freebies Royal Rumble Enabled Open Beta King Of The Hill Coming Soon School Wars Coming Soon Tyranny Wars Coming Soon Scheduled Power Hour Events Scheduled Suryun Events Scheduled Inuman na Events Convert Game Time to Vote Points Enabled FREEBIES UPON CHARACTER CREATION 7 Armor Set 7D 7 Weapon 7D Novice Student Kit Ultima Rosary X4 3D Freebie HP Pots 500 Siberian Husky Pet 7D Pet Skill HP Regeneration CAP REWARDS Oblivion Potion E Backpack 1 Locker Rental Card 7D Emergency Locker Link 7D

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