Valentus Private Online

SERVER INAUGURATED ON 2007 AT 2000 TIME OF BRASILIA CAP 110. VALENTUS ONLINE Website Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups492118544461192 Page httpswww.facebook.comValentusSilkroadOnline Our server will be started with the system EGY disabled and over time we will be releasing part by part each system. Lets have only NORMAL and NEW items on the server, I think the server is more competitive than in the old days. Obeservation Remembering that the updates for EGYs releases occurred part by piece depending on the movement of the SERVER. Valentus Silkroad Online Server System Cap 110 Degree 11 Exp 45x Exp Party 50x Gold Drop 1x Item Drop 3x Alchemy 1x Max 12 ADV WITH CHINESE AND EUROPE RACE PC Limit SRO 8 PC Limit JOB 1 PC Limit CTF 1 PC Limit Battle Arena 1 PC Limit FTW 1 FORTRESS ACTIVATED EVERY SUNDAY AT 600 PM TIME OF BRASILIA - EVENT DISCLOSURE PARTICIPATE httpswww.facebook.comValentusSilkroadOnlinevideosvb.14290168438582251439804516112791type2theaternotiftlikenotifid1500949847164815

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