Extreme Ran Online EP7

-Server Features- EP7 5 Class Swordsman,Brawler,Archer,Shaman,Gunner. Official Tyranny SPP Map Queueing System. High Rate Server. All Items are huntable Find a weaponarmor with best RVs Saint Research Underground map. Donor and Non Donor E-rooms are separate. PH and TH Key for Non Donor. Hunt Your Own Items Unlock Skill Up To 237 NO STUN EFFECT NO ANTI POTS EFFECT NO ANTI SKILLS EFFECT NO HP CUT EFFECT Wing Attack speed. Target Info Enabled. Golden E-room w score crown reward for the winner. WarZone Enabled Improved WarZone U.I.. King of the Ring every month with crown. Combo Based. Pots Based. Complete Costumes. Hosted in a Dedicated Server in Dallas Texas.

Website: http://www.extreme-ranonline.com
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