Salvage-PS - NEW Server - 120 Dungeoneering - Custom Treasure Trails - Custom Tool Belt - Staff Needed

Salvage-PS is a NEW Eco RSPS owned by a professional programmer. Salvage already contains many features that set it apart from other servers, the biggest being fully-working 120 Dungeoneering. Take a stop by the forums and say hello, then give the game a try by downloading the auto-updating client here httpsalvageps.comclientSalvage-PS.jar Features 120 Dungeoneering All working skills Custom Treasure Trails Custom Tool Belt Loyalty Rewards Vote Points Achievements Custom Home Custom Gambling Zone Custom Donator Zone Money pouch with capacity of over 9 Quintillion Duo Slayer Nex Boss with Nex Armor Drops Multiple other Bosses Skill Teleports IronmanHardcore Ironman modes PK Point System Double XP Weekends

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Date Signed Up: 2017-07-05 09:51:52
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