BlenderGaming 3.3.5a - You Decide Your Path!

We are the most completed 3.3.5a server. We have a Blizzlike X1-Rate realm and a Instant-80 realm! The Blizzlike realm is X1 rate so you have the same feeling of Retail WoW back on the 3.3.5 patch. Our Instant-80 realm has custom items, vendors, malls, teleporters and Much More! Our server host: RAM: 12GB (Soon Going To Upgrade) Internet Speed: 1GBit (1000MBit) Bandwidth: Unlimited Website: CLICK HERE Core: TrinityCore (Comiled - NO repack!) OS: Windows Server 2008 Shop: Yes (Fully Working) Donation System: Yes (PayPal and SMS) (Fully Working) Total Numbers of Staff: 6 - 10 Staff Members For Now Total GM's Online Every Day: 1 - 6 For Now! Teamspeak 3 Enabled: Yes Teamspeak info: Visit the website! Forum Enabled: Yes Forum Info: Visit the website Dont Whait, JOIN TODAY!

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