Come, and join you too our Community. We are a little City, that regularly extended. We are everytime looking for new Populations. To live with with us together in a peacefully and friendly contact, to build and to work. AngelZMinecraft offers you many different options varied. Our Center, whereupon everything rests, is a Survival Server. Here we live, work and trade all together, to build a big Town. The Survival Server offer you: 4 Different PLot Sizes on with the Hand builded areas. The Size rech from 506m² 22x23 to the biggest PLot with 2784qm 48x58 and the Luxus PLots with 14.504qm 98148. Thus, plenty of space to unfold itself and to build up to 4 Comfortable home. In order to buy the, we have 19 JObs to choose from. You can choose 3 Jobs, but the MIner is the Standard JOb that every Player have. Level up your Jobs, and earn more money for a higher Level. Of course we have a Shopping Center. Here can you sell your Items to the Player, or you can buy Items from the Player. As a Bonus we have a Medieval Market. The Market have every first Weekend in the Month open. Here can you buy many things to build and to live. But you can buy some Special Functions like Fly, Invisible or Speed Running. What must not be missing, nor is pending at the end. That are our Funfair to Easter, Summer, Helloween and Christmas with little Funfair Events. You just get tired of Survival Life Than buy a Plot on the Creative Server. Here can you build what you want or make some experiments on 10.000qm 100100 big Plots. Earn money on Games Get money wuth playing Games like BedWars, Mario Kart, Quake, Minejong, WoolDoku, Battle Sheep, Four Wins and many more. Also PvP friends get a taste. For Example in our PvP Arena with own Items, the PvP-Stadium with the same Equipment. Or you go to the PvP Farmworld, where you can make the one or the other Raid, To loot the Farmed Items from the killed Player. We would be glad to be able to soon also welcome you with us. The AngelzMinecraft Team

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