Grand Chase Ran Online

GRAND CHASE RAN ONLINE EP11 Gameplay Cap lvl 260 max skill 237 Skill links Combo Combo base and Potion HP Cut Anti Pots Debuff 100 Huntable items Craft System School War Every 3 hrs Royal Rumble Every 2 hrs Club War Everyday 7-8pm Game Time Points Enable Vote Point Website Enable X Y Weapon Desolator Set Linneage Accessorie Randomizer Enable NOTE 1. All Bug user will be Account and IP banned Permanently without warning 2.Admin is not responsible for Player Hack account issue 3. Hacker will be banned Permanently without warning 4. Trash talk is allowed is part of the game but Show respect for Admin and GM Invite you Friends and Experience Exciting Gameplay. GCRON Server OWNER httpswww.facebook.commarc.angel.cordero WEBSITE FB PAGE GCR httpswww.facebook.comGrandChaseRanOnline FB GROUP ADMIN httpswww.facebook.comchase.ran.37 GROUP PAGE httpswww.facebook.comgroups252688031903149

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