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Aspida Private Servers Version T4.4 with new tribes

The really PROFESSIONAL Travian private server running at multiple speeds 10x, 100x, 1000x, 10.000x, 1.000.000x. 5.000.000x, 10.000.000x Comes in T4.4 version, and offering the richest game-play experience in the world. Working troop shop, trapper, a functional farm list and a real battle system Come join the fun

Gotravspeed Private Servers

Gotravspeed.com different speed servers 1,000,000 500,000 , 250,000 , 100,000 No Lag, RE worked Farm list, More update

Travimini classic T3.6 x10, x50, x999 and more

Oldschool classic Travian with low ping, great community, interest mods, graphic packs and cheapest gold +Active admin +Cheap gold +Low ping +Good community +Support 247 Only real classic gameplay without bugs, admin-cheats! Fun PVP and PVE. Stay tuned for new servers!

Crusader Travian MultiServer T3.6 T4.4

We have for the moment 8 servers 3 T4.4 servers 25x, 100x, 2000x and 5 T3.6 servers 25x, 100x, 500x, 10000x, 1000000x. Online since 2008. No lag, 247 , vote system for gold, silver system. Fair-play

SS-Travi, The best private server since 2012

SS-Travi its the popular travian server since 2012. We have more than 300 players registerred every round and we growing up every day. Come and enjoy with a lot of people. Create your alliance, win the rounds, know new friends


Citvian games provides best travian speed 4.4 experience to the users. Enjoy the completely bug free game experience with citvian.


This server is for serious old school Travian action Dont join this server unless you are looking for a great round with strong players. Already 50 players and alliances are forming on this large 250x250 map. Only the strong will survive

TravSpeed - The fun and fast Travian Speed

TravSpeed is a fun and faster Travian Servers! No Lag, No Bugs, Low and Fast Server Rounds! We are active team!


Private travian server offering you unforgivable fair gameplay and enjoyable experience. Our developers team fixing bugs as soon as we got an report. and testers team testing every detail and new feature. Game completely free Join now and show your strength to other conquers

Traviancı Dostlar

Türkiyenin En iyi, En Kaliteli Travian PVP Server. Sürüm t4.4

Online Travian T4.4 VE T3

1500 aktif oyuncu Tamamen yenilenmis t4.4 surum PvP travian keyfi Yakinda t3 de eklenecektir Wow saldiri savunma ve nufus birincilerine guzel oduler Asker ve hammadde satisi yoktur

travian t3,6 new server x13 speed

x13 speed atm, fast connection


xTravian server version t4.4. No bugs, no lags. NEW SERVER 800000x. STARTS 11th of November at 12-00 UTC0 15-00 MSK


Welcome to Mzravian,the speed ver 3.6. server speed 1000X not bugs 100% Work. Can buy a gold about money(if you buy send me message in the game(can buy only packed A its 500Golds) Ty ). The register on. Just come to play there!!!!!

TRAVIANFORCE The Best Professional Travian Speed MultiServer

TRAVIANFORCE Is The Best Professional Multi Server High Speed, 200 Gold For Register, No Lag, No Bug, 8 Speed Multi Servers x150, x1000, x5000, x10000. x100,000. x1,000,000, x10,000,000, x100,000,000 Speed, Invite Your Friends Win Gold, Can Buy Gold And Troops! The Winner 2000 Gold Register NoW!

TravianPRO X - Multiple Servers

TravianPRO X Server 1 starts on 02.09.2019 at 9:00(Europe time[GMT+1]) with these settings: Speed: 25x Troops speed: 5x Storage:10x World size: 400x400 Beginners protection: 3 days Link: x25.travianprox.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server 2 starts on 10.09.2019 at 9:00(Europe time[GMT+1]) with these settings: Speed: 75x Troops speed: 15x Storage:25x World size: 400x400 Beginners protection: 2 days Link: travianprox.com

Bellantium - in german and english laguagne

The new speed server. The language in the game can be switched between English and German. EQUAL CHANCE FOR ALL: That's why you can not buy gold in the game. Gold can be won through quests and adventures. Or silver can be exchanged for gold.

Warland (First Travian Speed T4.4)

WARLAND is the first travian 4.4 private server for all you travian fans all over the world and adds new features to travian while keeping travians original theme and feeling.

Speed-Travi 12,000,000x FAIR-PLAY 2015

Speed-Travi x300 , 5,000,000x, FAIR-PLAY 2015 , The best server , farmlist , overview , free gold : 500 and more.

Trawars (old travianx) Speed Server

The biggest and the popular Travian private servers running at multiple speeds in the world. real version 4.4, no lag and high speed experience with a lot of fun . register and have a great experience of travian with us.

Travian Pvp Server T4.4 Original Server

Travian Pvp Server T4.4 Original Server.Orjinal travian t4.4 servernda sernde yerini al ve hemen savaa bala

Just try it Once you you wont Regret

Speedtra brings travian speed private servers with fully working T4.4 version. 5,000x - 10,000x

TravianT4.com Multiserver with Free Gold

The really Travian private server running at multiple speeds at T4.4 Plus version and offering the richest gameplay experience in in the world. Working troop shop, trapper, a functional farm list and a real battle system Come join now

Nata Travian

New game server Nata Travian. To your choice of 5 races, the presence of the village of Natars for the farm, but before you have to fight with the soldiers of the natars who defend these villages. Can you compete with them for the championship in the game world of Nata Travian.

LosTrav World - Best Travi Server !

LosTrav World - The best travian private server ever ! We run v4.4 with our unique features !.