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RF Online United International PVP server

Level Cap: 55 Experience Rate: x100 Custom class rewards as you get jobs. Best Items: Superior armor and PVP weapon Maximum upgrade: +5 HDH Activated with custom rewards: CPT, GP, Jetpack ability boxes, HDH elements, upgrades. Farming: Intense Armor and Weapon level 55 - BM at Burn Ash. Talics are at Sette nadir Money is at Sette turncoats Gold points are at Draco's in BM and in Elan. PB Drops : HQ PB - T3 Elan PB - T4 , HDH elements , Superior armor , Upgraders DDD- DDD elements . T4, HDH Elements , Superion Armor , Upgraders Custom (CW) Controller Chip drops: upgraders, t4,...

WellCome to New RF SpecTruM

Max lvl 66 Premium 25000x Drop Rate 15x Animus 99999x PT SkillForce GM XP in Mau New Itens Donate lv70 All Donate Itens in NPC 5000 Gold Point for buy Initial Itens Email Disable Quests 50.55 Off Active Honour Guild E-mail Disable Shop in-game Enable Account Premium Enabled

RF-SAGE Masters Battleground

Come and experience PVP at lvl 50, 55,60, 65 Every month we release different level per season. Never get bored, continues Point system event and win final items Max upgrade +6, donation items +5 max All items farmable, craftable


♦ Max lv 66 ♦ Exp x8500 ♦ Animus x9500 ♦ OPEN JOB 3RD ♦ PT|FORCE|SKILL GM ♦ New Siege|Mau|Trap|Tower ♦ RATE UPGRADE INFORMATION : » Upgrade [+1/+6 :75%] » Upgrade [+6/+7 :25%] ♦ Minning x75 ♦ Active Auction House ♦ Active CryBoss Module ♦ Active Shared PVPÂ ♦ Active Item Combine ♦ Active Daily Quest ♦ Active Guild Honor ♦ Fix All damage all race ♦ RMT = Active (RealMoneyTrading) ♦ Active and fast respond GM

RF Brasil RPG 20x

Max Lv 55 - FIXO ExpDrop x20 PTSKill GM Cash Regen ON MAU XP ON Balance No Over Donation Quests dirias com CASH, torres e traps como prmio. NPC vendedor de Excelcior em Sette. NPC pots PREMIUM por GOLD no QG. CrossClass ON


OFFICIAL RF ALTRAX PHBALANCE SERVER MAX +5 no Lag level 55 cap Exp Rate: 1200x Drop Rate: 12x Mining Speed: 22x Animus Exp: 8000x

RF Joker

Come Join Us RF Joker Online Fairplay Gaming, Open Beta On 23 October 2017, Max Level 55, Exp x100 - x200, Drop x10 - x15, Premium Hackshield, Premium Datacenter, Active Guild Honor, Active Game Cp New Future, Active Mail Mau blessing Auction Relic Elve, Only Cash Coin Donation.


55 Cap, Max Up +5 Balance Gear RemodelFair Square Exp Rate 1500x Drop Rate 20x Animus Rate 2000x GameGuard Protection DevCorp Active Premium Service 7 Days: Active Free Cafe Users Items Active Contribution Points Quest Active


Cap 66 Exp 5000 Animus 9999 Easy Upgrade 6 no weapon breakno talic wipe, Pvp points per minute, custom pvp weapons, MAU gets Exp NO QUEST 50 56 GM PT Game Cp and More in Game

PVP Break.US

PVP-Break OnlineRising Force Max Level 55 Cap Normal Rate Exp Rate 1500x Drop Rate 20x Animus Rate 2000x Premium Rate Exp Rate 2500x Drop Rate 30x Animus Rate 2500x Active System Features Quest Reward Active Login Reward Active Contribution Points Quest Active Free Cafe Users Items Active Premium Service Active GameGuard ProtectionDevCorp Active SkillPTForce Active Max Mail Service Active Guilde Honor Active Disabled System Features Custom Items Disabled BD NPC Disabled Cash Shop Disabled Pvp System Features Normal Temporary Points Daily 40,000 Premium Temporary Points Daily 60,000...

RF DeVante

60 CapMid-Rate Grind System All Items in-Game No Pay to Win 247 Gaming Staff Online


Feb 2019 Update Lvl 85 Max International PVP Server Rebalance server, reconfigured Rare E Release Lvl 85 Relic and DA Free Instant Lvl 85, Free items in GCP, and complete gear in Lvl 85 to be ready to PVP

RF Akeong PVP

Max Level 55 Exp x1000 x2500 Animus x5000 x10000 Drop x15 x30 Minning x15 x30 PVP x1 x3 Base Damage Standard CCR Duration Skill Force 3000 second

RF Brasil - Servidor Nascional

Servidor "Nascional" RF. ----[Hard]---- XP: 6x - PT: 4x - Drop: 6x - Sell: 2.5x Drops especiais Servidor HARD 100% RPG Itens Donners disponiveis através do GameCP (Gratuito) Sem Corrupção Venha fazer parte dessa familia RF Brasil.

RF Novus Sector




RF WarFare

Golden Age Version - Level Cap 55 - Exp Rate: 300x, 600x for PREMIUM - Drop 50x, 100x for PREMIUM - Sell Rate 200kk - Max 4b of Money and Gold - Safe Upgrade - No Donation Items - Cash By Time Played - No Runes - Max +6 Upgrade - Game Protected - New Items - New Quests - New Combinations

RF Mayhem

RF Mayhem2232Lv65GM PTGM SkillsYellow MauNew BattleArmorsInternational ServerFriendly AdminGMsHigh RateExpx1000Animus Exp x1000

Empire RF PvP 2018

Empire RF Online private servers, Experience Rates x50, Drop Rates 5x, Animus Rates 1500x, Loot Price 10x, Loot Speed 10x, PTSkill pointsForce x300, Maximal Level 55, Shop in-game Enable, PVP Max 42.000 Day, Accounts Free gain GP for time Logged, New Maps Added, Active Team, Every Day events, New quests. Join now


Lv Cap lvl 50 30day lvl 66Player Exp 25X 45XAnimus Exp 50X 100X 50 56 Quest ON Sell Rate 2.0m 99GLI Droop Rate 10X 18X SKILL PT FORCE 30X 60X

RF Eternity

RF Eternity Golden Age 55 Cap Default Server Max Upgrade 7 Upgrade Rate Default Experience Rate Midrate No Overpower Donation DDoS Protected Server Protection Dev Corp Server Location Canada

RF Original Semi Rpg

Nvel Mximo 50 Taxa de Exp. X20 Premium x35 Taxa de queda x10 Premium x20 Exp. Minerao x10 Premium x20 Animus Exp x40 Premium x80 PT e Skill GM

RF Accel - The War that Never Ends

4000x3000x50xMAXlvl 70-ACCEL WEAPONS can be upgraded through hero-ACCEL DRAGON ARMORS have 3 grades and can be created through hero-Buy ACCEL ELEMS and JETPACK through gold points-Special daily quests for upgrading materials-Special monster on VC-Edited overall clients skin for elevated gaming

RF Delirium server 55 Cap x300 EXP Rate x300 Animus Rate SkillForcePT GM International Server Friendly Staff JOIN US NOW RF DELIRIUM

RF Conflict

-Max Level: 50 Cap -GM SKill / PT / Force -BM closed -Exp Rate: 400x normal (mid) 800x premium -Daily Quest: ON -NPC Buffer at HQ -HDH/OC/BM/DDD/BBL Accessories Daily Quest Reward: *Daily Quest 1 = 3k tempo *Daily Quest 2 = 3k tempo & LV50 Superior Armor Box 5pcs *Daily Quest 3 = 3k tempo, 5k CPT, 1B CP & 12pcs Leon Parts Box