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Perfect World Frostburn 2.0

Totally revamped High rates 100x, Full PvP, instant lvl 101 and initial r9, R9r3 End Game, Max lvl 105 2 reawakenings - PLAY TO GAIN Vote for Gold Online Gold Custom NPC with boutique items through quest and event rewards - Custom Balance - Active GMs and professional development

Blue Dragon Perfect World 136


Quester's Perfect World

1.5.1 Custom PVE server Hosted @ Tier 3 Data Center - 150 Level Cap - NO BOUTIQUE! - Completely Free to play - Drama Free -Custom EXP rates/Mobs/Bosses/Events/Gear (Rank X) Facebook:Questerspw

Perfect World Twilight International

Perfect World Private Server 100 Percent Free to Play, Find your adventures with your friends at Perfect World Twilight. Perfect World 1.5.3 Server hosted on dedicated machine. 99 no lag 99 No Downtimes Rates XP Using Custom Mobs Drop 20x Sp Using Custom Mobs Money Using Custum Mobs New Races New Quests Double rates every weekend Clean MID XP play.

Perfect Town

1.5.3 PvE Server - Standard Rate Server. Pk instances Nation WarsTW, and Daily PvE. All maps open. VoteDonate for gold. For those that want to play Active friendly GM staff.

Heroes PW

Fresh New High Rate Server - We invite you to play the best server out there. At the moment until 5 October 2018 we have a super offer for all players that creates new accounts.

In-Game Perfect World

Perfect World 1.5.4 Server hosted on dedicated machine. No lag No Downtimes Rates XP 5x Drop 2x Sp 3x Money 7x New Races New Quests Clean low XP play.

Perfect World Storm

Perfect World Storm is a 153 server - Server timezone is USA - EXP and SP rate is x500 - Fast Leveling - Same gender marriage available - Plenty of events - Custom gear - titles - fashion - pets - genies plus much more - PwStorm Devs have 5 years of PW development and 10 years worth of PW gameplay

Heaven Perfect World

- 6 races, 12 classes, Free To Play, PK PVP everytime, everywhere. - Support Multi-Languages Client include English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese... and more if you request - Server Version 1.5.5 with 1.5.7 Items Fashions, Flyers, Rides from PWI Wonderland with Elements version 204. - Max lv 105 with 2nd reawakening. All items same with PWI. - Get free 3 times to level up 101. First you will level up 101 and you can train to 105 or reawakening. Second after your first reawakening, you will get free level up 101 and you can train to 105 or reawakening again. Final...

Perfect World 1.3.6 - Nitro

--Server Dusk, Inicia level 1, kit iniciante com Set full 4 slot, pronto para PVP, LvL Max 150 EXP 100 SP 50 Drop50 Gold 30 -Servidores Totalmente Full PVP , Venha Jogar Perfect World 1.3.6 Nitro

Empire Perfect World Full Version 1.5.1

Empire Perfect World Full Version 1.5.1, New Horizons, Rates Exp. x4, Drop x8, Gold 200, SP 150, Level Cap 150. New Features, Custom content, Helpful Team, PvP System, Everyday events, New quests, new races. Join now

Raid Perfect World

157 Wonderland Expansion - Original Settings - Active PvP - Rank 9 Gears - Homestead - Active GMs friendly community - Territory Wars, Custom Events, Custom Cosmetics - Join our great community

Blacksky Perfect World

Perfect World 1.5.4 Server hosted on dedicated machine. No lag No Downtimes Rates XP 5x Drop 2x Sp 3x Money 7x New Races New Quests Clean low XP play.

Epic Perfect World

Full Eclipse Expansion - The most popular international server - Over 5 years of professional development - High rates and active PvP - Nation Wars and daily events - Start with level 110 and level 150 cap - Join our great community

LMS Perfect World - 1.3.6 & 1.5.1

Now easier to play then ever before 136 PvP Server: max cast 95, 5aps without donations No scripters/cheaters lots of custom content 151 New Horizons PvE 1000x with latest content Start lvl 100 with +12 gears Stable since 2008, Oldest PW server, Great community, Cubi for being online

Xtraordinary PerfectWorld

NEW Race,ClassesNEW Maps,Skills FREE Packs,9th Culti,BlessingsCross Server NationWar Sunset Valley with BIG ST RewardsNation King SystemEXP250xSPDROP150xMoney200xMax LvL 105Original SettingsVote Rewards in GoldEasy to get Gold in GameCustom FashionsINSTANT SUPPORT

PVP Knights Perfect World

Latest ContentOriginal SettingsHigh RatesVIPHOMESTEADPlay To WinR8-R8r3R9-R9r4 Gear SetsRetail GameplayFast GearingFast LvlingCustom EventsFresh TW MapsCross Server TWFree Premium Starter Pack

Pure Perfect World 156

Pure Perfect World Version 1.5.6 Custom gear Max Lvl.110 EZfarm EZgold Free to play

Ultimate Perfect World

PW Revenge Version 145 - Full Cubi - Inicie Evil 3 - Level 105, Vote for cash, new updated client free to download, high speed gameplay, website up 24 7 , no lag, fast loading, Enjoy

Hot Perfect World

Version 1.5.1, PVE + PVP, Vote for Gold, Two reawakenings, Celestial Demon/Sage at character creation, Mirage Sky X at character creation, 1.5.1 and Morai skills, Interesting farm

Evolved Perfect World

OLD SCHOOL 1.3.6 Server Start with 110 Level and free 3rd Fairy The most balanced PvP with 4.00 aps and no instant NO SAFE ZONE -ADC only- TT - Lunar - R8 - G15 Customized Dungeons, Armors, Weapons and Adorns New Staff Give us a try

Lien Classic Perfeckt World

German English 1000x Rates 1.3.6 Server Dual Fairy Full PVP with Safe-Mode Possible Insta and 5 APS Fully Customized items Cubi FREE server custom Events Genesis Custom Dungeons PvPPvE join Now many more things

Oldwood Perfect World

Exp x300, Spirit x300, Money x2, Quest Exp x50, Quest Spirit x50, Quest money x10 Celestial Sage and Celestial Demon on your choice. Custom daily quests. Working dungeons. Reduced Nation Wars map. Eastern Daylight Time. For more details on these, please check out website.

Perfect World Private Server

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Mundo Lotus

Um servidor rate baixa que visa atingir ao publico amante do perfect world de uma forma unica, centrada, divertida e com a qualidade e transparencia que sempre tivemos Seus dias de diversao comeca agora, venha se divertir com a verdadeira essencia de um rate baixa