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Experience 2009-era MapleStory in its prime at ClassicMS. We offer a vanilla form 1x rates of MapleStory v62 with no additional edits to the game, a friendly community with near daily events along with free NX you have to vote for NX. Most of our content is working, and the rest are almost fixed.


SEMI GMS-like Player VS Player PVP PVE Hairs,Face,Eyes, NX, Maps 144.2 Items from higher versions Challenging game-play Unique. Custom content. Critical Attack RussianRoullet Rings Effect Wedding Omok Match Cards PQs CPQ Guild War Transportation Working PQs Merchant Shops Cash Shop Skills 100 Custom Jail System Maps Temple Time Jesters Sky Stations FLY 110-180 GEAR MORE MORE Open beta soon. NO WIPE CUSTOM PVP MAP ARENA BATTLE 1V1 PARTY VS PARTY OR FREE FOR ALL OPEN BETA WITHIN 12HOURS


TWISTED Unique GAMEPLAY Rates Exp 4x 8x - Mesos 1x - Drops 2x 4x - EQUIPMENT LEVELUP - Quest Boosted - Party 12x - Ultimate PS - Challenging game-play - Critical Attack. Rings Effect - Party Bonus - Omok Match Cards - PQs - Guild War - GuildPQ - Transportation - Leveling Guide - Impact Shops -

[V83] Brasil MapelStory [1/1/1] BMS-LIKE

O Melhor servidor brasileiro. Rates baixas, público alvo brasileiro, atualizações constantes, jogabilidade similar ao BMS

LibertyStory MS.

An upcoming fun, friendly, English Speaking, exciting and dedicated server with custom equips, items and Chairs. 100x/100x/1x. We need more donations :D

Insouciant MS v75

[New][Exp:1000x][Meso:1000x][Drop:10x][Only v75 in the World][Fun and Trolling Community][PvP in Free Market][MTS Works][Achievements System][Obtainable GM Skills][Swearing Allowed][Fabulous Staff][Daily Events][Staff Applications Opened!][Hacker Free][Insouciant Owner][Mob Spawners][Fun NPCs][Custom Currency][All In One][Custom Super Rebirths for Every Job][Hamachi][So What are you Waiting For? Join Now!]

ExhilirateMS - Where your dreams be animated R>Wz Coders

ExhilirateMS Professional Coded Server, Beta Testers Needed. First 10 to join get 3 MSI's Rates 900/300/3 If you are looking for a server, just click on our server. Stop scrolling click here now!!

EventMS [v83] [Non Hamchi] [24/7]

[EventMS][V83][Rates: 555x55x5][Auto Register][MANY MASSIVE EVENTS][v138 WZ edits up to date with global][Non-Hamachi][Active GM's][Working PQs][Working Rings][Unlimited Flash Jumps][Custom NPCs][Open Beta][Friendly community][Guild Wars][Open GM applications][Skill Maxer][Dropable NX][No Damage Cap]

Hash-MASTERMS v117.2 Servidor Latino Unico

[v117.2 (GMS)] [30x Exp] [30x Meso] [2x Drop][Mob Gives NX] [All jobs working] [Cube Gain] [Random 22k items Gachapon System] [Max Lv 250] [New Mision] [No damage cap] [Reborns!][Player NPC Shop][Spawn Vip>][Barril de Deseos][Entra No te Arrepentiras]

UberStory - Great Staff - 24/7 - V83

Welcome to UberStory, the official v83 maplestory server. If you'd like to join, please visit the site and register. Then visit the post "How to play" Thanks!

MapleSky Rates: 5x/3x/1x [GM APPS OPEN]

New v117.2 server. Custom Starter Map w/Custom Quests for a +300 Stat Ring. We have working HT/Zak/PB/Ark/Hilla&Abyss Bosses. Cloud and vote point NPC which include the new Fafnir/Revolution Equips along with New Chairs! Up To Date NX/Hairs and Faces from E,G,K,J and Sea.Working CWKPQ and Boss PQ & More

Revolutionstory v62 14/5/2 - Coming soon

[All PQ's working: CPQ, HPQ , LPQ and so on][GMS like but with new awesome features][Hired Merchants][90% of all Quests works][Host your own playerevents!][All Bosses working][Heavy focus on a strong community][Custom PQ's][FOJ][Custom Quests][Freindly an

PwnedMs v83

Welcome to PwnedMs v83 Added v180 Items SERVER FAST. NO NEED PAY TO WIN - FREE 2 WIN - FREE 2 PLAY. FUN SERVER Rates 1000x 500x 1x Vote Point System All In One Shop Custom UI Over 100 Custom hairs Custom Chairs Custom faces Custom items Custom IOC DONO NPC Daily Event Custom Effects Custom weapons RANKING EVENT Weekend Event FM ROOMS WITH BOSS JQ NPC EVENT Friendly Staff Recruiting Staff


SmileStoryMS - Servidor Privado v117 Experience Rate 10x Meso Rate 5x Drop Rate 3x Rebirth sin cambio de job boss, pq, mods, items, y mas diviertete y disfruta

NozMS V83 Private Server

NozMS is a new private server for the old nostalgic Maplestory D We are still growing en developing things but we try as hard as we can to make it as fun for you guys as it is for us Hope you come join us so we can derp around with everyone D Seeyou there V83, exp 1500x, meso 500x, drop 3x.

MapleTrap v83 1000x-250x-3x

1000x EXP 300x MESO 2x DROP MapleTrap is the best v83 out! We have: v164+ updates for Items, Chairs, Faces, Hair Styles, and Pets, the Hunger Games, a custom PVP click-based strategy game that you won't find anywhere else! Chinchirorin Multi-Player Gambling, Custom Gachapon, Treasure Hunt, Jump Quest with the best JQers in MapleStory, Russian Roulette, Battle at Sheep Ranch, and tons of other events, Speed-Typing Minigames, and a social, friendly community that is always here for you! Our professional, laid-back staff and game environment are second to none. Join today!

SunsetMS v83 500xExp 1337xMesos 2xDrop

All HairsHuge Discord CommunitySpirit SystemGM EventsRB systemAuto JQGuild HousesFlower SystemBalanced Economy Join our discord at httpsdiscordapp.cominviteSReeKNF SunsetMS is a MapleStory Private Server made for the users of Sunset Corp. Note Make sure to ask a Moderator for the Maplestory Role


A history in the industry of private server for 5 years. Bringing you the best gaming experience you would ever had, and most importantly a sense of belonging in the game where you will never felt left out Still under development, sign up in our forum for new updated reported

MapleDreams TMS v113 with Mac Client

Join us and get chairs for Free ! Server Rate 2/2/2!

MapleKey - v0.83 - A MapleStory Private Server

v0.83 High Rate 1000 EXP 750 Mesos 3 Drop Skill Maxer Item of Choice Vote for Rewards JQ System MSI System Boss Summoners 1000 Rebirths for GM Job Peridot Currency Laid back Gameplay No Pay to Win Many Styles Games Within a Game Occupation Perks Join our community today


Lvl 255 Cap PVP PVE Challenging gameplay Unique. Custom content. Critical Attack Skills 99 110 180 Gear Balanced Mac Available Dream Characters


DojoMaple V62 New Pirate Server , Join Now , All PQS Working , All Quests , All Jobs working , Guilds working and pq , anti pe , dupes , good server and hard join us.

FtlzMS v83 5x Exp, 5x Meso, 3x Drop

New, Small, Low rate, GMS like private server. Just download and play

Eonine Gaming Classic

Server Info MAX LVL210 LAST SKILL 167 Max Upgrade 9 4 Class Brawler, Swordsman, Archer, Shamman Low Rate Exp Hunt base HackShield Updated Interface ep7 No Quest Map Right Click EquipUnEquip Hunt your own items Donator vs Non Donator 100 Balance Pots Based GameTime to VotePoints LAST MAP HEAD.B ,Under Ground Director Room Skills Sold in NPC 7-97 skill Sync game PK streak Max Weapon attack RV 9 Attack Max Armor Defence RV 19Def 9 HPrec PVP RR EVERY 2HOURS TW EVERY 3 HOURS CW MWFS 8-9PM Starting Newbie Items