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🌐 Rates x1 🍃 Season System ⚙️ Updated Augmentation System 🎲 Over 10 Auto Events 🏆 Achievement System 🎭 Costumes from Higher Versions 🌟 Fully Functional Skills 📜 Fully Functional Missions and Quests 🌐 Рейты x1 🍃 Система Сезонов ⚙️ Обновленная Система...

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Погрузитесь в фэнтезийный мир Aion 4.6 Наследие феникса и начните собственную историю! Двойные рейты, стабильное соединение из любой точки мира, выделенные сервера с аппаратной и программной защитой, официальная сборка сервера, где можно играть...

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Essence is a server based on Version 1.9 and has been remastered by our team. We always try to be closer to the official Korean standards, but with some changes that provide quality of life for players.

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15 A̲i̲o̲n̲ ̲V̲a̲l̲k̲y̲r̲i̲e̲ ̲3̲.̲5̲

𝐀𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐕𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐲𝐫𝐢𝐞 𝟑.𝟓 server rate : 2x server rate VIP: 5x join our discord redeem your code to buy your VIP

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Ancient Aion 4.9 PvP / PvE - [Battlegrounds] - [Arenas (1v1 / 2v2)] - [Dynamic Open World] - [Custom Events] - [Agent's Fight] - [Custom Instances] - [Rechargers] and more!!

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97 Aion Time of Darkness

Aion Times of Darkeness. Juego en español, hosteado en Argentina, totalmente gratis. 70/30 PVP

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Aion Optimus Private Server Version 5.8 Server Locate Malaysia & Singapore Custome PvPvE Server High Rate

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Hello Friend, I recently received occupational therapy from an exceptional occupational therapist near me. From the very first session, their expertise and compassionate approach were evident. They took the time to understand my unique needs and goals,...

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24/7 online, Events and various bonuses, frequent Updates and qualified Support.

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45 Aube du temps 4.6.2 EU SERVER

Version 4.6 Full PvP / No P2W / Full Customs / Server Located in Europe / Join Us Now! A fully PvE , PvP, RvR Server! Rediscover the nostalgia of 4.6 by having a unique experience. ✔️ Start Level 65 ✔️ Quick Gear ✔️ Access to PvP quickly ✔️ Map PvP...

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44 New-Aion 2.7 Perfect Server

Welcome to the NewAion 2.7 server. New Aion is a 2.7 server based on the experience of Aion classic KR, with all the new features for 2022. Our server has modified rates to allow you to level up easily. Everything is the same as the official. Project...

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29 NotAion 2.7

An interesting project, came to life on Sunday 29/1/2023, 20:00 GMT+1. An NotAion 5.8 client, modified and brought back to the old-school magic of 2.7! Bring your friends to the Battlegrounds on our dedicated server located in Dusseldorf (Germany) to...

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[US, EU, Asia Servers][Instant 65][FREE 4.6 AP GEAR Starter Pack][Easy To Gear Up][Level Up Rewards][4.6 Version][x20 Server Rates][AntiCheat][No Bugs][x64 Client] [Stable Dedicated Servers][Active and Friendly Staff]

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AionWings is based on patch 4 6. It's a brand new server. Everyone is welcome. It's a European. Use your chance to work your way up the AbyssRanking. Rate x4 , Normal Questing. NoPaytoWin,No cheaters Beginner Bonus,Discord Server ,active Admins.

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Aion version 4.9 custom 2X AP gain, Stable dedicated server 10X Drop Rate,Siege Schedule, Arena Schedule, Battleground Schedule,Instance Schedule

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Aion Private versão 2.7 (América Latina) - Host em São paulo, Brasil. - Retail. - Conteúdos Customizados. - Eventos PVP e PVE.

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Aion 4.6.2 server with nice double ratings and interesting events. Our team is happy for every player and is ready to try to pleasantly surprise the players of our server around the clock, arranging auto events and contests, listening to each player.

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Двойные рейты, стабильное соединение из любой точки мира, выделенные сервера с аппаратной и программной защитой, официальная сборка сервера, где можно играть совершенно бесплатно. Ивенты разработанные специально для игроков. PvP и PvE контент как для...

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17 Gods of Aion 4.6 (GOA)

Welcome to Gods of Aion 4.6 (GOA). Best Aion 4.6 private server located in Europe. Join us! Discord

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[Classic NA Server] [Server Location: Canada] [x2 Rates] [All Quests Working] [No Pay2Win] [Active Community/Staffs] [Aion Retailed Based Gameplay]

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81 Aventora Aion 7.7

Willkommen bei Aventora! Wir sind ein neuer deutscher Server, und sind gerade recht am Anfang, bzgl. Spieler und Settings. Aber mit eurer Hilfe wollen wir wachsen und den Server nach euren Wünschen einstellen und gemeinsam Spaß haben :) Unser Server...

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43 GM Perfect World Aion

All players are GMs! Join GM Perfect World

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115 希望OL

希望OL 希望OL私服 希望OL怀旧服 新区 新开 新服 希望OL官网 希望OL私服 掉落3倍 经验:3倍 QQ群722506914 [img][/img] [img][/img]...

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First Asian no bug server - not java emulator - version 7.7 Inputs from retail aion server will be considered Sprinting/Jumping event for instant level 80 for class choice (only 2 allowed) Daily task rewards ​​​​​​​More

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39 Aion Classic 2.7 Europe

Aion old school Classic 2.7 Rates: 1x Exp Rate 1x Kinah Rate 1x Drop Rate 1x Quest Rate 1x Group Rate 1x Abyss Points Rate New character will receive: Full blue item set + weapon 250 Greater Running Scroll 250 Greater Courage Scroll 250 Greater...

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77 Ethereal Aion

3.9 PvPvE server. High quality low ping server with fully customized content. No leveling, starter pvp gear, fast and easy farming, customized PvE and PvP instances, player commands, balance adjustments, drop tables, events and more!

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Only pvp server, retail. - Experienced adult administration - High-quality build version 4.0 - More than 50 auto events; - Maximum implementation of PvE and PvP content, with a bias towards PvP - Balanced economy - Availability of VIP / Gold-VIP...

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13 Aion Soul

Join Aion Soul now! Full PvP Action like never before! Based on Not-Aion Concept!

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73 AionFireStorm Classic 2.7 remastered

New server coming soon! Excellent implementation of game mechanics. Original Korean files and geodata

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✔Instant lvl 75,✔MANY CUSTOM PVP FEATURES, ✔ActiveAntiCheat✔High-End Dedicated Server✔around 150+online daily, ✔Server Host in Singapore. ✔Custom skin outfit and Motion only here on the server. ✔Hyper open world active PVP.

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7 Aion Private Server NA 5.8

Version 5.8 / No Pay2win / No Bugs, everything works 100% / Server Located in United States / Low Ping / Join Us Now!

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Aion History is a new unique Aion Classic 1.9 server. Game World: Siel (EURO). Server location - Europe, France. Minimum delays and low ping. Open Date: 02/26/2022

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Aion relaunch (1.9 to 3.9 ready) in october with fixed mechanics and core (geo,pathfinding,static objects) on a new server. No pay 2 win, aion as it should be. [Legacy servers] Operating 2 servers Israphel as midrate pvp server (3.9) Tiamat as lowrate...

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6 Legendary Aion 5.8

Version 5.8 Classic Rates / No Pay2win / No Editions / Server Located in Europe / Join Us Now!

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Aion-emu New Aion server based on version 3.9 Language available FR/EN. If you want to rediscover the pleasure of Pvp / Pve and RvR of the time you will be welcome. Server rates are available on the site.

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60 AionParty  - 4.7.5 without new classes

Remember what Aion was to you when it first opened its doors to people like us. A beautiful beautiful world. Hot battles and long-awaited, sometimes rare items from the dungeons that caused the envy of others.

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Sea Sex & Aion 1.5-3.5 International Private Server GRAND OPENING TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2022 1PM GMT+1 Sea, sex & Aion is an evolving server which aims to reproduce the gaming experience of the time. The start will be in 1.5 cap lvl 50 with dark...

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Here no loss time only PvP, PvP and PvP! FFA - RECHARGER - BATTLEGROUNDS - SIEGE - MAP PVP - start level max full gear ! Start on our server: - Reached the maximum level - with PvP equipment - your open stigma slots - Consumables to start PvP In a few...

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Aion United uses an official build of Aion 4.6 version. We also have a support team committed to providing the best experience for players. Our server is located in East of France, allowing players to have a great connection and experience from any part...

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27 Aion-Rush Perfect european high rates 4.6 server

Rush-Aion is a perfect and 100% functional version 4.6 server! Geodata, skills, instances .... 100% working Focus on the end game Easy to level up / easy to gear The experience on monsters is increased X25 - Craft/Gathering X25 - Drop loot X8 - Ap X3...

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Game Lậu - Game Private Mới Ra - Giới thiệu đến bạn các tin tức về những GAME HOT mới ra - Tổng hợp game ONLINE hay nhất

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AionPinas Aion Private Server with 4.6 full content.Dedicated server - HongkongHigh Rate Kinah: 3xDrops: 3xAP: 1xSell limit: x20-Higher rates for VIP-Instant. The server also has a lot of exciting features, check the AionPinas Server Info page for more...

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Aion Phénix est un serveur privé Aion en 2.7 qui vous offre une expérience fun unique, très proche d'Aion Effects lors de son apogée. Le serveur est à ses tous débuts, alors venez participer à sa création ;)

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CLASSIC AION ver2.7 | 100% Working Quest and Instances | Rewards on every Level up | 100% Working Siege Fortress | Low ping for SEA | PvPvE Oriented | No pay to win

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107 Aion Eternal

Informações Recursos do servidor Versão do Cliente (Aion 3.9) Rates melhorados para PvPvE Sistemas Recompesas por voto Créditos para gastar na Loja Recompesas por level para ajudar na progressão Batleground Arena of Discipline Arena of Chaos ...

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Nostalgic Aion 2.7 Best PvPvE Server! Join Us Now and Get your Freebies!

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✔100% working game platform fully matching the official game server of 4.6 version with increase rates for a perfect game easy for all. ➤ INCREASE OF RATES - LOOT - AP For a easy levelling and gear ! ➤ PERFECT FREE STARTER GEAR Get the full starting...

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23 Fun-Aion 3.5 - PvPvE server

Hight Quality server / server PvP and Retail / Custom PvP / 100% functionnal / Weekly-Event / Friendly Staff / En Fr De Ru Kr Ch / Dev Nopal team / Located Europe

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