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3 Fun-Aion 3.5 - PvPvE server

Hight Quality server / server PvP and Retail / Custom PvP / 100% functionnal / Weekly-Event / Friendly Staff / En Fr De Ru Kr Ch / Dev Nopal team / Located Europe

727 Votes
9 MondoAion Classic - Italian Server

Best Italian Server with 1.5 Original Aion Classic client from Korea / Daeva Pass / Events / Free Change Appearance & Gender / Arena, Dredgion, Siege System + Balaur Assaults / No Pay2win / Rates 2x / Little Bugs / Good Staff and Support /...

26 Votes

High quality content / Pure version 3.0 / Skins 4.0+ / Unique PvP Locations / Full FR, DE, EN, RU / No pay2win / Release May 21st 2021!

319 Votes

aion le best jeu du monde entier classe favorite cleric ou aede

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51 Aion Darkness and Lightning

Aion 4.75, totalmente en español. El servidor en se encuentra en america latina aseguranto un muy buena latencia. Juega en este fantastico mundo PVE/PVP contra las fuerzas de Beritra o la facción contraria.

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11 AION BRASIL v4.6 - 4x/1X/2X Rates

Bem vindo ao Aion: Brasil! O Aion Brasil é um servidor privado inaugurado em 25 de maio de 2021. Nós estamos em constante desenvolvimento e evolução. A Administração do Aion Brasil é formada por Game Masters, Moderadores, Programadores e 01...

12 Votes
40 Re:AION

Aion Reborn, New FR / EN server just opened, based on version 2.7. If you want to rediscover the pleasure of PvP in 2.7, AION Reborn is for you. We are a server rate x2 to find the experience of the time with a point of flexibility. xp solo x4, xp group...

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PvPvE 24/7 Support High Rate Version 5.8 Singapore Based Private Server

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4 Aion Old School 2.7

European server in 2.7 rates X10. Really good community Friendly Staff. Event ingame all weeks. ! PvPvE server, Max level 55,with RvR / dredgion / arenas organized. Our machine also accepts players using Shadow!

632 Votes

AionPinas Classic 100% implementation of (official assembly) High Rate Server

1 Votes
49 Aion

:small_orange_diamond: High Quality 4.6 Aion Server :fire: +500 Players EN/TR ⭐️Trick-free game experience ⭐️Global game...

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Aion Latino es el nuevo servidor 4.7.5 en español latino solo para latinos-personas que hablen español latino, tiene buen ping y todos somos latinos

130 Votes
2 Aion Classic 1.7 Orginal Korea Client

1.7 Orginal from Korea Version! Daeva Pass/ Custom Events / Gelk/Ing soon! / Nice Rates/ No Pay2win / No Editions / Little Bugs/ Low Ping / Great Staff and Support / Join Us Now

777 Votes
32 aion4real

Aion private server 3.9. XP rate: Regular 3x premium 4x vip 5x, droprate: regular 3x premium 4x vip 5x. New server 99% bug free.

0 Votes

NotAion have A plethora of PvP modes including structured Battlegrounds, 1v1, Free-for-All, 6v6, Dredgion and more, custom-built PvE challenges ranging from solo to 12 players, a spectator system for learning from your favourite players, and everything...

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Aion 7.5 low server 100%drop pvp and pve players secure vpn connection!!! Aion 7.5 (siege PVP PVE Transformation Contract full Tiamat Transformation Contract full Ereshkigal Transformation Contract full etc !! jogue com vpn raidmin vpn !!!

0 Votes

Customizamos o servidor para adequar a um divertimento máximo aproveitando bastante conteúdo original e algumas melhoras sugeridas por diversos players e filtradas pela Staff.

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혼자 즐기기위한 아이온 서버를 개발중에 배우고 싶은것들이 많아 이리저리 사이트를 둘러보며 공부 하고 있습니다.

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1 Aion America 4.6

Version 4.6 Classic Rates / No Pay2win / No Editions / No Bugs, everything works 100% / Server Located in South Canada / Low Ping / Great Staff and Support / Join Us Now!

873 Votes
36 AionHungary Private Server 4.7

Welcome to the number one Hungarian Aion Server! AionHungary Private Server offers you instanced 1v1 arenas, various events, week-end rate increases, live support on Discord and more. | exp: 2x | quest: 3x | drop: 3x

0 Votes
43 Aion Valuria 7.5

Exp 200x Drop 200x Quest 200x, Many Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best World Wide PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, Long Term, Skill stigma Systems, Balanced PvP, Good Support full Patch 7.5 version, Join Now...

0 Votes

Aion Beritra 5.8 Welcome to the aion-Beritra server. PvP / PvE fun server, prices changed.

148 Votes
18 Aion Epic 2.7

Aion Epic 2.7 server with low rate, world boss hunting, rifts pvp, bugs fixed. Four developers to this project and a lot of work put on this! Join us to remember the old times of Atreia, join to battle your enemies with massive pvp in world maps. No Farm...

0 Votes

Aion Classic 2.7 EN/DEU/FRA/RU BETA OPENING MONDAY 11/01/21 100% working game platform fully matching the official game server of 2.7 version! No bugs, errors and defects - absolutely everything works properly!. Event Customs PvP/FFA/BG/PVE and more. ...

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17 Aion Asia 4.6 - Perfect Private Server

100% implementation (official assembly), Server rate : x1, working quests, npc's and instances like in retail version. no bugs and errors like official aion 4.6 version. The server also has a lot of exciting features, check the AionAsia Server Info...

0 Votes

High Rate | No Pay To Win | Stigma System | Auto lvl max | Free Premium | Easy Get A Toll | War Race System | Leader Race System | Vip Get : AP Boost 10% | Premium Get : AP 10% + Boon

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62 Servidor Aion Argentina 4.7.5

Aion Argentino latino, Completamente en español version 4.75, ven nuestro servidor totalmente inovado y 100% en español sin errores ni bugs,

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Aion Philippines - The Best Asia's Aion Private Server Exp x200 PvPvE with Full 3.5 Support.

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45 Aion Nosta 4.6

Aion Nosta is First Stable Private server of AION Games, Located at Southeast Asia, mean for SEA Players, you can experienced Old version of AION with full of work as Official Server with Best Ping. No More Stuck to game, no more skill stuck or not work,...

0 Votes

High Rate PvP/PvE EXP: Instant Level 60 Quest AP: 2 PvP AP: 2 Drop: 5 Working instances- Tiamat Stronghold Rentus Raksang and More Working arenas- Harmony Discipline Glory Chaos. Working Siege Reshanta, Gelkmaros/Inggison, Tiamaranta

1 Votes
47 RedXAion

Der neue Deutsche Aion Online Server in der Version 5.8 und den Standard Rates für ein langes Spielvergnügen

0 Votes

New private Aion server! Ideal quality and maximum gameplay comfort. Participate in the PvP events of the server and get into the TOP list. New season brings new faces. All European players are here - Register now and receive rewards!

582 Votes

Aion Infrenis Private server 475

0 Votes

~ Working Geodata ~ Working classes, skills ~ Working questline ~ Working sieges ~ Working conditioning, augmenting ~ Working arenas ~ Working endgame instances & much more.

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Best Aion Online 5.8 server in Europe! Experience Aion the way it should have always been!

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ОРИГИНАЛЬНЫЙ СЕРВЕР AION "Heart of Frost" RETAIL [РЕЙТЫ X2] [DLC+] [BONUS+] Золотая Арена - Уже активна Отборы [из 32] [из 16] [из 8] [из 4] [Финал] АКЦИЯ "ВЗРЫВНОЕ НАЧАЛО" Если ты прибыл впервые на проект то эта тема...

1 Votes

The master server is a server with a traditional version of the game and some local settings: 8 character classes maximum level - 50 gear equipment All this is the main difference between the master server. Master server is a new server that located...

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41 Aion 3.9 Echoes Of The Past

EOTP is an Aion 3.9 private server We are focused on both PVP and PVE we have a full content server and an active team working on improving the game every single day We have plenty of features to offer you, and heres some of them Instant level 60 Free...

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21 Aion Evolution 5.8-4.7 EU-FR

Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed

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19 Dawn of Time

If you are also want to come play in a family atmosphere where joy and good mood are at the rendezvous then Dawn of time is for you Come discover our version 4.6.2 which is one of the most important on the bugs. The Dawn of Time to an open and very...

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Server rates x10 for everything. Hardcore rewards for a real and long game Experienced adult administration Strict adherence to server rules Quality build of version 3.0 Maximum implementation of PvE and PvP content Balanced economy High complexity and...

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Aion NA English - Aion RPG Server - Open Beta - Custom Stats per Level - XP Dynamic High Rate

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22 rWorld Aion 4.7

Welcome to the number one Hungarian Aion server! RevolutionWorld offers you instanced 1v1 arenas, various events, week-end rate increases, live support on Discord and more! | exp: 2x | quest: 3x | drop: 3x

0 Votes

First free Aion game server with a perfect build, 100 percent operability of all game content, Version 4.6, X2 rates, High online

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48 AION TOWER 3.6 PVE Classic Retall server

Aion PVE Retall server x1 Version 3.6

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46 Aion Pandemonia

Aion 4.75, All Free, Vote system, Sieges, Dredgions, Rifts, No premium, No P2W, many events. 247, Own upload, Strong server.

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59 Simply Aion 2.7 x1

Guarantee of long-term server operation Premium accounts with x2 Start from scratch achieve everything yourself Quality build of version 2.7 Strict adherence to server rules

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33 Playworld3 Aion 3.9

All Free, No Payshop Full 3.9 Support. Rates 5x EP, 5x Group-EP, 3x Quest-EP, 3x Gather-EP, 3x Crafting-EP, 3x Quest-Kinah, 3x Quest-AP, 8x Drop, 2x PVP-AP, 2x PVE-AP, 2x Arena-Reward, 2x Dredgion-Rewar. Instance-Rewards Coins for killing Bosses, Full...

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56 NcAion 3.6 Free server

Aion retro free server from Asia,Here is the world of Southeast Asian players, we are waiting for you here

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