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Pirates Sunny Online

Website Discord httpsdiscord.ggEeMQtHr PT. Sejam bem vindos ao mais novo server de tales of pirates espero que vocs possam desfrutar e relembra velhos tempos no top. By Team. EN. Welcome to the newest server of Tales Of Pirates I hope you can enjoy and remember old times at the top. Please use different login and password, so no problem By Team. ES. Bienvenidos al nuevo servidor de Tales Of Piratas espero que puedan disfrutar y recordar viejos...

League of Pirates Online

Max Level 135 - Max Pet Lvl 52 - 4x Drop Rate - 15x Solo Exp - 20x Party Exp - 400x Fairy Growth - Gem Bank - New Unique System - FCDSCACICS Maps -PvE, PvM, PvP and Raids - PvP Mode Everywhere - More Than 5 Daily Quests - New In-Game Commands - ALOT MORE AWAITS YOU Join us right now

Pirate Sanctuary Online

New ToPPko private server with the essences of original top with increased rates and reworked farming methods more. With a dedicated team running the server the server has some cool plans for future patches to come Come join us now

SOD Pirates Online - 247 Active No Lag

New Unique System-PvE, PvM, PvP and Raids-PvP Mode Everywhere-New Daily Quests-New In-Game Commands-Max Members Guild 20-Cloak System-Swings System-Max Level 135-Max Pet Lvl 75-10x Drop Rate20x Solo Exp-40x Party Exp-2160x Fairy Growth- ALOT MORE Join us right now

DarkMaze Server Online

DarkMaze Server Online 2018 PK Server, Active GMs, New Effects, New Maps, New Features Coming Every Week Events Websites httpswww.facebook.comgroups176280873298973 INFORMATIONS AND FEATURES Rates 25x - SOLO EXP 40x - Team EXP 10x - Drop Rate 150x - Fairy Max Level - 150 Max Pet Level - 102 Balanced PK SERVER --MAPS-- Argent City Shaitan City Icicle City Dark Maze Center Battle Royal Chaos Argent Opens every 3 hours Isle of PKChests drop random...

Pirate Skull Online

Pirate Skull Online is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game Server Rates 2x Solo Exp 3x Party Exp 1x Drop Rate 5x Growth Exp The Server is a Remake of Real Tales of Pirats 1 with real quests hexa pk-maps and many more

Pirates Online

Pirates Online is a private server that is a remake of the original Tales of Pirates. Contains many features and very active staff, join this massive community today

Mordo Online

New Server Sharkpvp

soul of pirates


Magic Sea Online

Magic Sea Online - TOPPKO Private Server Welcome to Magic Sea Online. An Old-school Tales of Pirates redefined with many new features that will enhance the gameplay. Keeping the main aspects of TOP Features - Old-school Top Private Server. - Offline Stall - Anti-Dup System. - New ways Questing to make and gather item mall items. - Fairy Marriage system. - All item mall are scattered by quests. - Bonus exp rates on Thusday 4x Solo 5x Party and so much more to explore -...

Pirate Adventures Online

Brand new server based on official Tales of Pirates with many cool features implemented Custom maps - Custom gameplay - Active staff - Give away events - Active social media much more

Clash Of Pirates

Clash Of Pirates is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game based on Tales Of Pirates contents by focusing the gameplay to PK Player Killing only.

Clash Of Pirates

Clash Of Pirates is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game based on Tales Of Pirates contents by focusing the gameplay to PK Player Killing only.

XPO Reborn Online 2018

Tales of Pirates Private Server. Server rate 5x Solo Exp, 7x Party Exp, 5x Drop Rate, 50x Ship Rate, 15x Pet growth, 64 Pet max level, 100 Char max level. Active GM with many events. Gold farming from meteorite Fortune tree Drop 50k Gold Voucher, Fairy coin signet can be redeem into gold. Also youll get 350k Gold every 30minutes.

War Zone Online

Server Rates -Instant Level -x15 Drop Rate -X100 Growth Rate Max Level 100 Max Pet Level60 New Quest-Story Instances New Farming Ways -Medium PK Server,enjoyful. Fun farming ways which include all the type of gains from PK,money, for sure cards. -Hard-Working GM,updates may be Every 2-3 Weeks ,everytime news.Active Guild System Instances System -Dupe Protected,SQL-Injection Protected, verified website firewalls.Guaranteed server 100 trusted as long-lasting -Easy to...

DreamSea Online

Enjoy a new game based on Talesofpirates, but with even more to offer A true oldschool game with all new maps, quests, challenges and alot more to explore

Anubis Pirates Online

Welcome To Anubis Pirates Online , New Brand Server, Made by Gamers For The Gamers.,New Apparels, New Weapons, New Quests, New Adventure,New Features. Join The EGYPT story with us, You Will Not Regret trying us

Unique Pirates Online

Brand New server with awesome features 5x Solo-exp , 15x Party-exp , 3x Drop-rate , 300x Fairy-Growth , 1x Ship-exp , even much more

Pirate Scrolls Online

Are you tired of Hardcore TOP then come join us with this mid rate server Solo Exp x 10, Drop rate x 5, Blissful Server

Durward Codec Online

Come to the newest hard rates server, totally inspired by the original. Released on March 25, 2017, Durward Codec had its project started in the year 2008, the purpose of the game is to maintain all the features of its original great game, the Tales of Pirates, however here you will find more than this, you will find expansion changes like new missions, maps, equipment and monsters. Enjoy, not lose time, see whats new here and you will be AMAZED

Skull island Online

Max Level 120 Solo 10 Party 15 Drop 20 Pet Growth Rate 1000 Max Status 120 Max Pet Level 50 With Normal fruits and with Improved Fruits Level Max Apparel Upgrade 120 Classe balance Mazes Chaos Argent, Arena Island, Demonic World 1,2,3,4, Forsaken City 1,2,3, Dark Swamp, Barbaric Arena 1, 2, 3 Leveling Isle, Run for Fun, Ruins of Despero, Coloseum PvP, Abaddon 5-8, Abaddon 10-17, Abaddon 18 and others Money map Fish island, Cake 100k note, wood for 15k Chaos Point...

Tales of Survival

Will you miss TOP1 2 -Max level 100 -Rewards Mall Apparel, Fairy Boxing and Leveling Package 2x HB 2x Nana 2x CBs -Evenimente -We wait for Tales of Survival

Reborn Tales Online

Reborn Tales Online is a new version of Undead Pirates Online, friendly GMs, Active Staffs, Daily Support, No Lag Guaranteed Gameplay New Apparels, New Sets, New Bosses, New Quests, New PK experience, classic gameplay, easy-medium server easy to catch upJoin us now

Basic Pirates Online

Server Rates Solo Exp 15x Team Exp 30x Drop 5x Pet Growth 400x Max Lvl 135 Max Pet Lvl 61 Maps Argent City Main Map Chaos Argent BD Gems Bounty Hunter PK Azrael Gems Boss Chaos Icicle Advance Gems King Battleground Great Gems Boss Death Circle Ring Gems Boss Demonic World Ref,Kals,Uns85 Upgraded Rings,Sealed 95 Weapons Dark SwampGreat,Azrael,Kals,DS Weapons Forsaken CityGreat,Azrael,Ring,BD,Basic Necklace,Mini Rings Exp Packets from Mazes to level up Gems Gems...

MaPko Reborn New Server

Do you miss old Tales of pirates systems Do you want something new with classic view just try our server low rates Max Level 125 Max Fairy Level 200 Fairy Get Exp from Killing Monsters Many Money Farming Methods Interesting Systems Balanced

Blood-Sea Online

5 x Solo-Exp 12 x Party-Exp 5 x Drop-Rate 150 x Fairy-Growth 100 x Ship-Exp Online, 247 JOIN US NOW

King Pirate Online

Server inspired by the original version of Tales of Pirates. Exp 3x, Drop 2x, Fairy 5x. Join Us Now


LADY PIRATE ONLINE NEW Server Rates Max Lvl 150, Max Pet Lv 120 Solo-Exp Rate 20x, Party Exp Rate 40x Drop Rate 25x, Fairy Growth 500x Donations in BsF And USD Dragon Ball Event, gather your spheres and make a wish

SOD Pirates Online

11 months running No Wipes No Resets 20x Solo 20x Party 3240x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly and Nice Staff, Class Balances New Maps New Bosses New Events New Quests Max level is 135 Max Rebirth 5


New Server Tales Of Pirates. Solo-Exp 8x Party-Exp 9x Drop-Rate 3x Fairy-Growth 700x Ship-Exp 1x httptkingzone.tkindex.php

Blizzards Pirates Online

Welcome to Blizzard Online 20x Solo 28x party 4000x pet exp. Free VIP Items New Features, New Glows, New NPCs,Friendly And Nice GMs.and more importantly NO Tweaks Come Join Us Now New Quests Max level is 150 4th Rebirth System Awesome Apparels Custom Game UI Awesome Events And Much Much More

Gamez Pirates PVP

Rates S.Exp 15xP.Exp 35xPet 75xDrop 1x PVPPVE focused Ranged Magic Class Melee Max Lv 90 Vote for Credits Expansion System In Place Friendly Staff Unique Features

Valley Pirates Online

Welcome to Valley Of Pirates Online Max Character Level 100 Instant Level 100 Max Pet Level 60 Server Rates -Instant Level -x15 Drop Rate -x400 Fairy Growth Rate -Easy PK Server,enjoyful,More Guides In Web -Basic Stuffs to farm in game Kals,wood,King Emblem,VOP Card and more try us and enjoy journey

Battle Sea Online

Instant Level110 3000x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly and Nice Staff, New Class Balances New Maps New Bosses New Quests Max level is now 120 Awesome Apparels

Sunny Go Online


Death Gate Online

Exp x499 - PExp x999 - Pet Exp x19999 - Drop x200 - New Class - New Maps - Vote Reward - Non Hamachi - Balanced - New Skills - New System - Auto Event - HD Event Staff Event - Always there for you - Alot of Fun Come Join Now

Ultimate Pirates Online

If you are looking for the Ultimate Tales of Pirates experience, Ultimate Pirates Online is the way to go. Once played, never forgotten.


Invite you to play in our Russian server Dat fun is like you never seen before

Magic Sea Online

Old-school Tales of Pirates redefined with many new features that will enhance the gameplay. Keeping the main aspects of TOP

Dimension Pirates Online

Admiral Cloak (max lv10) Demonic Helm (max lv10) lv110 Weapons Nightmare equips In Game Shop (Crystals farm able in game) 1-3 Rebirth Gem purger system F-Level Skills Lv125 Skills Fairy Marriage System 1-3 gen Ranking system Vip system Upgrade neck system (ultimate neck lv10 max) Upgrade Rear pet system (max lv10) Upgrade ring II repeatable Rebirth 1 quest (to get treasure chests) Cloak gems Lotterys Lifeskill exp Digging skill Relic Digging Lockes Treasure maps Daily boss...

Cloud Nine Online

Cloud Nine Online: RATES : x20 Solo-exp x25 Party-exp x20 Drop-rate x1500 Fairy-Rate Cloud Nine Online is a new custom made server for our players to love and enjoy!

Mystical Pirates Online

Brand New Private Server Tales of Pirates Private Server. Rates: 20x Solo 25x party 7000x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly GMs, Events Weekly Come Join Us Now.

Mystical Pirates Online

Brand New Private Server Tales of Pirates Private Server. Rates: 20x Solo 25x party 7000x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly GMs, Events Weekly Come Join Us Now.

Black Pearl Online BPO

Black Pearl Online BRAND NEW SERVER Open 18 November 2015 Mid-Rate Server 10x EXP, 10x PARTY EXP, 5x DROP RATE, 100x FAIRY RATE, Max Level 100 Unique MAZES, Great PVP, Not OVERPOWERED, Class BALANCE. Constant developments updates Join us now Become the BEST

Eternal Pirates Online

Welcome to Eternal Pirates Online! 20x Solo 25x party 3600x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly And Nice GMs, Events Weekly. Come Join Us Now!! New Class Balances! New Maps! New Bosses! New Quests! Max level is 120! 4th Rebirth System! Awesome Apparels! A bunch of PvP Arenas! Brand New Skills! Custom Game UI! Awesome Events! And Much Much More!

Legends Of Heroes

TOP/PKO Private Server! 15x Solo-Exp 25x Party-Exp 18x VIP [Solo] -EXP 27x VIP [Party] -Exp 15x Drop-Rate 17x [LE] Drop-Rate 7000x Fairy Growth Max Lv: 175 Max Pet Lv: 175 !!! Come join the LOHO Family.

FoxLv Online II

Hybrid between classic and future TOP server FoxLv II is the next generation of private servers, we have features of TOP2 and extending Ran by team of experienced developers who is committed in long term and developing exceptional features such as removing barrier between mallers and non-mallers

Sky Pirates Online

Try the all new Pure PK experience with Sky Pirates Online today

GOPO NEW Legion System

new reborn system in game,max level 100,max pet level 1000,Level 100 Easy by Moon Cake,Join Legion and Start Fighting Over Power Resources with your Friends and Control The World,New Items,12 Pking Map with Legion Team Fighting