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Shaiya Private Servers

Search and find the best Shaiya private servers ranked by votes, version, type using our top list and vote for your favourite.

Rank Server Votes
1 EG Shaiya - Episode 8 - EterniaGames

EG Shaiya - Episode 8 - EterniaGames

EG Shaiya is the first and only full Episode 8 private server XP x50 Free AP and Item Rewards Vote, Recruit, Refer Monthly PvP Vote Rewards PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more Friendly and active staff members that will listen to the...

4,927 Votes
2 Shaiya Demoniac

Shaiya Demoniac

Episode 4.5,Exp Rate x100,Kill Count x1,Max level 60,Starter Pack,All item are farmable in Game,Custom Quest,Naked Map,Max lapis lvl 6,Custom Lapis ,Custom Bosses,Debuffs Lapis,Costumes,PvP Boss Hunting,Cross Faction Trade,Raid 150 Slot,Auto Loot,Auto...

4,825 Votes

Shaiya Tribute EP 4.5

The best ep 4.5 classic Server around. Release Date: 15.05.2020, Many Features included. 150 Slot Raid, Shared FFA Map, Max Level. 60, XP-Rate: x30/x50. Join Us and check our Website for more Informations

2,216 Votes

Shaiya Optimum | EP5.4

Wir sind ein Deutscher Shaiya EP 5.4 Server. Max Level 70 |EXP Boost x150 |Level Rüstung |Eingefärbte Rüstungen und Waffen |Max Lapis Lv7 |Keine Debufflapis |Kein Noss alles erfarmbar |PvP Reward |neues BonusVote System |Glückkiste |nettes Team. Kommt...

2,082 Votes
5 Shaiya Diversity

Shaiya Diversity

Max level 60, custom episode, no donator gear, free to play, most recent costumes/pets, easy start with free gear and lapis, highly valueable gold, new pvp bosses, new features, new quests, nice staff, secure and long-lasting server

1,412 Votes
6 Shaiya UnderWorld Ep5.4

Shaiya UnderWorld Ep5.4

Ep 54 PvP base Server, DDoS Protected, Instant level 15 30 70 FFA with Both faction Same Raid, also Raid Shared pvp Kills, SP From PvP Quest reward, everything Dropable in game, Join US NOW

1,357 Votes
7 Shaiya ECHO

Shaiya ECHO

[German/Deutsch] [Lv.100] [Custom EP5.4] [PvP] [PvE] [Account shared Kills] [DP 4 Kills] [DP 4 Vote] [Kills x5 x15] [Gold 2 DP] [100% Link] [100% Enchant] [No Pay2Win] [HTTPS] [DDoS protected]

958 Votes
8 Shaiya Desire Remastered

Shaiya Desire Remastered

Grand Reopening 15 April 2020. Old School PvP with new features! [Episode 5,0] [Kill Rate x1] [EXP Rate x50] [Daily PvP Quests] [Max Gears Lv65-69 Equipments, Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lv2] [NO Debuff] High uptime great support, Profesional server, Quality...

908 Votes
9 Shaiya Nightfall

Shaiya Nightfall

Shaiya Nightfall is the best Shaiya server out of there. Our shaiya server is carefully thought out, uniquely customized and constantly updated. We invite you to join our server!

605 Votes
10 shaiyaolympus remake

shaiyaolympus remake

SO is back. Free Starter gear enchanted and orange stats, free Starter lapis. Farming/PVP/Boss hunting is what we are working for. Test it out. It's special..2x Kill all day long

488 Votes

Shaiya ExtraOrdinary

Shaiya ExtraOrdinary is a new episode 5.4 server 2020 Instant and Grinding Mode, Max Lapis Lv7, Enchant is most valuable thing, Free NPC Gears,Custom Quest and Scripts ! Join US

438 Votes

Shaiya End of Dreams

Herzlich Willkommen bei Shaiya End of Dreams. Wir sind ein PvP/PvE Server. Sei es den Bossen den Kampf an zu sagen, im PvP aufeinander zu treffen oder bei zahlreichen Events ... wir freuen uns auf euch. Liebe Grüsse Shaiya EOD Team

196 Votes

Shaiya Dragons EP4.5

Server Original Raiz EP:4.5 Servidor PvE | PVP | BOSS KILL Rate: X1 EXP Rate: X5 Max Lapis Lv6 Modo Extremo Liberado APS Free Vote | DVG APS Por Level Servidor protegido DDoS

144 Votes
14 Shaiya Athena

Shaiya Athena

PvP Server/Episode 5.4/Exp Rate x50/Kill Count x1/Max level 70/Starter Pack/All item are farmable in Game/New Quest/Event Map/Custom AH Map/Max lapis lvl 7/Debuffs Lapis/Costumes/Raid 150 Slot/Auto Loot/DDoS Protect/Active and Friendly Staff, What are...

100 Votes

Shaiya DarkPhoenix

[GER] Herzlich Willkommen auf unseren Server wir sind eine Episode 4.5 Keine debuffs und kein Custom

71 Votes

Shaiya GoT - Episode 5

Episode 5, Kill Rate x1, EXP Rate x999, Max Lapis Lv7, Free Ending Gears, Own-Kills system, PvP Rewards system automatic. [PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more] [Friendly and active staff members] [Online 24/7] JOIN US NOW !!

15 Votes


Do you Remember the old times? When you go to pvp with 4 Slot gears and still kill alot of players? The times when 1 simple lapis could make all the diffrence, The times that skill Metters alot? so Why are u waiting for? Try us! 4 Pvp Zones! 15/30/60/70!...

15 Votes

Shaiya Cancer Custom Ep 5.4

Shaiya Cancer Custom Episode 5.4 Based [Gears/Weapons/Bosses/Costumes/ Wings/Pets] , 100% Free ,2 Zones [15/70] , Pre Starter Gears/Accs/Weaps/Cape [Rolled Enchanted Linked] , Free [Costumes/Wings/Pets/All of Consumables] Alot of new Custom Features! Its...

6 Votes
19 Shaiya Desire

Shaiya Desire

The best Shaiya server you have never seen before Epsiode 5, Max Level 70, EXP Rate x50, KILL Rate x2, Max Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lapis Lv2, NO Custom Items, Active and friendly staff team. Start your adventure Today

4 Votes

Shaiya Zen

DEUTSCHER PvPvE Server, Max Lv.80, Ep.6, Lapis St.8, kein Debuff, EXP Boost x100, OS Gear, Vote 4 DP, Sockel- und VZ Chance 99,9 , Perfect Reroll, Events, aufregende Droplist, Level Gear, Pets, Costumes, Wings, Gold ist hochwertiger, SSL-HTTPS, DDoS...

1 Votes

Shaiya Instance EP5.4

EP5.4 Server/Max Level 70/Max Lapis LV7/Custom Map Noria/Custom AH/Custom Accessory and Accessory lapises/Custom Level-Path with unique Levelingbosses in Cloron/Costumes and Weaponskins/Lv70 Gear as PvP-RewardShaiya top 100, 200 server, shaiya private...

1 Votes
22 Shaiya World

Shaiya World

Episode 5, Instant Level, Max Level 70, Max Lapis Lv6, EXP Rate x20, KILL Rate x1, No Custom Items, No Knockout Nostrum, FREE PvP Gears 15-30-70, Exclusive PvP Rewards Items, PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more Friendly and active staff...

0 Votes

Shaiya Force EP4.5

The best ep 4.5 classic Server around. Many Features included. 150 Slot Raid, Shared FFA Map, Max Level. 60, XP-Rate x60. Join Us and check our Website for more Informations

0 Votes

Shaiya Diverge - Episode 5.0

Episode 5 Max Level 704PvP Areas 15,30,70,500EXP Rate x2KILL Rate x1Free Ending Gears for PvP areas 15,30,70

0 Votes
25 Shaiya Ghost Ep 5.0

Shaiya Ghost Ep 5.0

Episode 5.0, Kill Rate x2, EXP Rate x300, Max Lapis Lv6, Ending Gears Lv69, Best Starting Packages for Newbies , Multiple Rewards System PvP,GRB, Stars Collector (Free 1500SP weeky).Unique server with many scripts(2019) well secured server, Check our...

0 Votes