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International Servers and Long Term Projects With Stages 50/55/65/70/75. Low rate servers secured by Odin Guard.

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Max Level 66Exp Rate x10000Animus Exp Rate x999999Drop Rate x3PvP Income x2PvP Max 85.000/days [ Lv 66 ]PT, Skill amp Force : ALL GMDuration Buff : 3000sMax Money 2B amp Max Gold 500KHigh Mau Cost : 1.5BRepair Mau Destroy : 750M

411 Votes

Our goal is simple: Provide a place for players to play that doesn't require their money to be able to enjoy and compete at a top level. We have two servers to choose from. Our Crimson server is designed to deliver a "classic" feeling when...

279 Votes

RF Vicious is a server with a maximum level of 55, offering a fair gaming experience to everyone! Our goal is to create a balanced and unbiased server.

173 Votes

x100-200 EXP, Lv 55 CAP,Game CP With Reward New Player + Voucher Codes,3 Daily quest, ELF Map 50-55, 7 Days Premium New Players, Active GMs, Weekly events, Guild CB,PVP Share, All races balanced, New Items Craftable/in Boxes , No Lag, No insert!

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RF Online Chronicles PvP & PVE Unique concept. Brand new rf online journey awaits come and join! SERVER INFORMATION ● Max Level : 65 ● Player Exp Rate : Lv 1 -60 ( High ) Level 60-65 ( Low ) ● Animus Exp rate : Lv 1 -60 ( High ) Level 60-65 ( Low...

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Cap 66 Exp 5000 Animus 9999 Easy Upgrade 6 no weapon breakno talic wipe, Pvp points per minute, custom pvp weapons, MAU gets Exp NO QUEST 50 56 GM PT Game Cp and More in Game

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Level Cap: 55 Experience Rate: x100 Custom class rewards as you get jobs. Best Items: Superior armor and PVP weapon Maximum upgrade: +5 HDH Activated with custom rewards: CPT, GP, Jetpack ability boxes, HDH elements, upgrades. Farming: Intense...

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International Classic Low Rate Server With Long-Term Concept Max lv 50 / Exp x2 Free to Play No Need To Pay to Be Stronger!!

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11 GREST RF | Semi RPG International Server

Max Level 55 | Exp Rate x1500 - Premium x3000 | Drop Rate x3 - Premium x6 | Animus Exp x4000 - Premium x8000 | All PT and Skill/Force GM | Damage & Defense Official CCR | Referral Code's [Get 20% Bonus Money/Cash Coin] | New Items Rare D Level...

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12 rf asyura 70 3RD job

asyurapvp.net join rf asyura balance damage ! active player! Job 3rd , crossjob

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60 CapMid-Rate Grind System All Items in-Game No Pay to Win 247 Gaming Staff Online

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14 RF-SAGE Masters Battleground

Max Level 65 On going Weekly Top CB Event with 20 dollars Reward per week Freebies Type C Weapon and Armour Set Unique Level 65 CA with DA appearance NO OP donation Unique SAGE RED Rare D items

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Max Level 65 Dragon Armour Released NO OP donation Upgraded Server for smoother gameplay

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16 RF Legends

RF Legends - NEW & BALANCED RF Online Private Server (August 2020) Where Legends are Born! Initial Rates x3/x6 55Cap Semi-RPG NOPay2Win! NO Playing GM's! Super Balanced Server! DevCorp/HVNGuard/HVNProtect

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Max Level 55 Exp x1000 x2500 Animus x5000 x10000 Drop x15 x30 Minning x15 x30 PVP x1 x3 Base Damage Standard CCR Duration Skill Force 3000 second

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Golden Update/OpenBeta:30-MAYO[GMT-4]/CashShop Regen x1|x2/Exp Rate: x1.500/Exp Animus: x25.000/MAU-Exp/Booty:x10/Quest Diarias/Sette: PvP+Farmeo/HSK Drop Rentals&GoldCaps/Buff: 3k Secs/Ore+3: Full Talics, T3S, T4s[Low]/Desactivada...

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Nivel maximo 66Taxa de Exp Normal x20000 Premiumx30000Taxa de Animus Normalx5000 Premiumx1000Todas as taxas de PT GMTaxa de queda Normalx3 Premium x6ON Leon 65ON Arma ReliquiaON MAU BlessDesabilitar LeilaoArma de retorno ativaActive Daily

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Max lvl 66 Premium 25000x Drop Rate 15x Animus 99999x PT SkillForce GM XP in Mau New Itens Donate lv70 All Donate Itens in NPC 5000 Gold Point for buy Initial Itens Email Disable Quests 50.55 Off Active Honour Guild E-mail Disable Shop in-game Enable...

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Servidor "Nascional" RF. ----[Hard]---- XP: 6x - PT: 4x - Drop: 6x - Sell: 2.5x Drops especiais Servidor HARD 100% RPG Itens Donners disponiveis através do GameCP (Gratuito) Sem Corrupção Venha fazer parte dessa familia RF Brasil.

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Max Lv :75 Exp : x5000 Animus Exp : x99999 PT Skill & Force : GM Drop : x5 Sell Rate : x10 Auction & Mail : OFF Buff Duration 3000 Secs Pvp Kill x3 (100k/day) Active PVP Shared Active in game reward Auto Ban System Protection Server & Client...

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Max Lv 55 - FIXO ExpDrop x20 PTSKill GM Cash Regen ON MAU XP ON Balance No Over Donation Quests dirias com CASH, torres e traps como prmio. NPC vendedor de Excelcior em Sette. NPC pots PREMIUM por GOLD no QG. CrossClass ON

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25 RF Joker

Come Join Us RF Joker Online Fairplay Gaming, Open Beta On 23 October 2017, Max Level 55, Exp x100 - x200, Drop x10 - x15, Premium Hackshield, Premium Datacenter, Active Guild Honor, Active Game Cp New Future, Active Mail Mau blessing Auction Relic ...

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