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1 L2 BrArg 500x

L2 BrArg 500x

» Informações do server: Rates: Xp 500x. Sp 500x. Adena 500x. Drop 1x. PartyXp PartySp Iniciando o nivel do personagem - 80 » safe +5 Maxi +20. Bless 80% Normal 70%

10 Votes
2 L2 Hazard

L2 Hazard

Lineage 2 High Five server 20x rates, Balanced Server, Olympiad, Castle Sieges, Easy Farming. ALWAYS ONLINE. Updates every week. Join Us

9 Votes
3 Lineage 2 Scarlet

Lineage 2 Scarlet

Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya private server - Your Best Lineage 2 Experience Lineage 2 Freya server 15x

8 Votes
4 L2DarkNick


-Server Rates- - RateXp 1000. - RatePartyXp 1.5 - RateDropAdena 2000. - Drop 1x. - Spoil 1x. - Safe enchant 4 on all - Max Enchant 25 - Normal Scrolls 20 80 - Blessed Scrolls 20 100 - Crystal Scrolls 25 100 Note From 20 to 25 you can enchant only...

1 Votes
5 L2Luna.ru


Hello! I invite you to participate in life the new Lineage 2 project of the Fafurion x100 PVP chronicles! Here you will see a well-developed assembly. Lots of fan, Castle Siege, Battle of the Earth, Festival Chaos, large-scale battles, unique raid...

1 Votes

Horyu Interlude 45x

Experincia EXP - 45x Skill Points SP - 45x Adena - 25x Drop Itens - 2x Quest Drop Rate - 2x Spoil - 10x SealStones 15x

0 Votes


Server time GMT -3 Plataforma do Servidor L2OFF Arquivos Oficiais Versao Interlude Rates Exp 11x Sp 11x Adena 8x Outras Rates Drops Seal 8x Quest 3x Spoil 4x Rate Itens Drop Item Mobs e Raid boss 4x No confunda a quantidade de Quantos X...

0 Votes

Rx.NET Lineage II

Freya Hi5 // Cooperative Gameplay // Dynamic Low Rates (1x approx.) // Keeping old-school L2 gameplay alive since 2008!

0 Votes
9 Whispering Fields

Whispering Fields

High Five LOW, HIGH & PVP SERVER, FULL GEODATA for better gameplay! All Areas and RaidBosses ready! Global Gk, GOD Armor, Weapon Setts! Dual Box, Community, Events, Donations, On HIGH rate: GM-SHOP, NPC Buffer, Long Bufftime, Join Now, we wait for...

0 Votes
10 L2Nack


L2Nack -GRAND OPENING 26.05.19 14h GMT-3 EXP SP x50 - Adena x50 -Drop x5 -Enchant Safe 4 - Enchant Max 16 -Enchant Rate 65 -Offline Trade - Buff Time 2h - Adena Farm , No Custom Item.Server English .Spanish. Portuguese

0 Votes
11 GameCoast-West Lineage 2 Helios x5

GameCoast-West Lineage 2 Helios x5

Great Opening 6th May Retail Files - No Bugs Expecting more than 2k players America Host South America Proxy No GMShop Premium DualBox EXP x5 - SP x5 - Adena x8 - Drop x3 Spoil x5 - Quest XP x3 - Quests Adena x3

0 Votes

NEW L2MAD.NET - Interlude PvP x100000

International Interlude CUSTOM PvP Server x100000 Big Online Best Bot Protection Just TRY JOIN NOW

0 Votes
13 L2 Equanimity

L2 Equanimity

L2 Equanimity is a Unique Mid Rate like PvP Focus server. If you take the time to check us out you will easily see the tme and effort put into our server! Things you will see are awesome events with alternation maps, custom instances, custom farmzones...

0 Votes
14 L2Crafting.com


Hello guys, L2Crafting has been reopen the doors on 05.11.2016 after a closed time of more than 4 Years. We are a low rate server without PK only Duel and many custom Events and NPCs

0 Votes

L2FantasyServer Interlude

Server High Rates Server Info Exp: x5000 Adena: x100 Sp: x1000 Party Exp: 1.5 Drop: x10 Muy Importante Skills y Clases 100% Balanceados. Los Armor Weapons y Tatoo No Dan Stats Execivos -==CUSTOM PvP COLOR NAME==- -==CUSTOM PK COLOR TITLE==- ...

0 Votes
16 Lineage II Originala

Lineage II Originala

Nuevo servidor interlude latino desde chile. LINEAGE 2 ORIGINALA. Rates: XPx1000 SPx1000 Adenax1000 -------------------------------------------------------- - Safe Enchant: +4 - Max Enchant: +20 - Normal Scroll: 66% - Blessed Scroll: 80% - Special...

0 Votes
17 L2 Unbekannt x10

L2 Unbekannt x10

Bienvenidos! 01/02/2014 -Bienvenidos a L2 Unbekannt. Hola y bienvenido a la comunidad de Lineage 2 Unbekannt! Esperemos que pasen un buen rato en nuestro servidor, sino tambien en nuestro sitio web, tenemos grandes planes con nuestro proyecto y...

0 Votes


Server START DATE: 2013/08/03 17.00 +3 GMT WWW.L2NEO.COM Server security from bots (L2Walker, L2Net, L2Tower, etc) provides LameGuard. Security from all kinds of ddos attacks provides DDOS-GUARD.NET / HyperFilter.COM Server rates: Xp - 75x Sp - 75x ...

0 Votes

L2 Order VS Chaos [Factions]

Two factions: Order and Chaos. * Faction choosable when creating a new character. * Adena, exp and sp rewarded from pvp kills and flag capturing. * Faction teleporter with the ability to teleport to faction's locations. * No CTRL needed ! *...

0 Votes


[b][img]http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/8130/serverrates.png[/img] *Experience: x50 *Sp Experience: x70 *Party Experience: x1.5 *Party Sp Experience: x1.5 *Adena: x200 [img]http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/6122/featuresg.png[/img] *Starting all...

0 Votes
21 l2rx.com - Interlude ReLax PvP - x1200

l2rx.com - Interlude ReLax PvP - x1200

RelaX Classic PvP server: EXP: x1200, SP: x1200, Adena: x100, Drop: x10, Spoil: x10, Quest Drop Item: x1-3, Quest Reward Adena: x100, Quest Reward EXP: x1200, Epic Raid Boss 100% drop. Platform parameters: Euro OFF (PTS) an official platform, on...

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friendly and free server h5 10x want play eazy? come to us!! and enjoy the game!! gm shop ,global gk, 2 hour buff,offline shop,.expoff full wedding system antibot,droplist,Vitality System,bank system ,password system, Safe Enchant+4 Weapon Max...

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7200 REAL ONLINE Adena and experience for PVP The best clans are playing on gvel2.com Mass battles, events, mini-events, raids, sieges and much more Guaranteed quality, long work without wipe, 247 instantly support The classic ideal balance is like an...

0 Votes

L2 Red Dragon

Welcome To L2 Red Dragon NON CUSTOM SERVER The Red Dragon's Team Working Hard On This Project For Almost 4 Months with Ambition And Trying To Improve As Much As Possible The In-Game Experience. We Hope You Find The Server Enjoyable And Amuzing :)

0 Votes
25 L2 Velox

L2 Velox

[H5]Rates 100x|NO GRADE PENALTY|Team PvP|4 hr Buffs|GM Shop|Weapon Enchant Safe +7 Max +25|Cloaks|Blessed 80%|Global GK|TvT|Start with D Grade|26+4 Buff Slots|Sub Class No Quest|Online Player Rewards

0 Votes