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1 Desertale Online - [Corsair] Black Desert - Private Server

Desertaleonline is a custom bdo project completely different from other BDO servers we are the only server with completely custom content like new spots to have new items in the game like weapons costumize

1,170 Votes

DreamBDO - SEA Server (Good ping for global). Dream BD is a Black Desert Online server project that is currently in Corsair version, we are a dedicated and very focused team, you are welcome to play and be you without anyone discriminate you. The only...

601 Votes

Server Information All Exp Rates: 20x Drop rate: 20x Accessory rates: 20x ~ 50x (custom rates) Enhance rates: Retail Premium Benefits Max Weight Limit 1000+ Combat Exp +P Lifeskill Exp +0 Knowledge + Amity Gain +P Karma Recovery +0 Energy Recovery +2...

212 Votes
4 BDLEGENDS [Corsair, Labreska, Sub-Blackstar +]

1º e único servidor BR de BDO com Ping, Rates e Recompensas melhores que o SA! Atualizado até Corsair com extras: Elmo de Labreska, Sub Blackstar, Cinto Devoreka e muito mais! Milhagem e Pérola de Graça, 9 Pets Ativos, 200 Pontos de Contribuição e...

44 Votes

Server Information All Exp Rates: 20x Drop rate: 20x Accessory rates: 20x ~ 50x (custom rates) Enhance rates: Retail Premium Benefits Max Weight Limit 1000+ Combat Exp +P Lifeskill Exp +0 Knowledge + Amity Gain +P Karma Recovery +0 Energy Recovery +2...

1 Votes
6 Q5K Nemesis Desert Core Server

Classic Server Need tester / players to explore the game. tons of in game goods. pearls, cash and first server up Alpha test high drops and exp. Central Market soon!

0 Votes

-Version: Corsair -Server Location: EU -Exp: x10. -Skill Exp: x25 -Life Skill Exp: x10 -Guild Quests: х10 -Drop Rate:x20 -Training Exp: x10 -Pets active: 8 -250 Energy and 280 Contribution -Daily 4000 Pearls

0 Votes

Not a retail Copy! Coinsystem for exclusive Items. Sell&Buy wahtever you want, build a Superempire with Superworkers, GET GM Items and even PEN Fallen God. Future custom Classbalance.

0 Votes

Open for recruits who are very brave to fight the fierce monsters in our world load the tool Destroy it and join the fight HaCk2u Remas CUSTOM ( Vintage ) Pvp SERVER Info CUSTOM SERVER TH&ENG 80% Server Farm-PVP. Start Game Lv 5. Free Online...

0 Votes

New nova server Mid Drops / Active Season / Free pearls / Frequent Updates / Soon will be Sage then Corsair / Free Drop filter

0 Votes
11 Melissia Games

❈Melissia Games❈ ➤Rate x10/weekend x20 More information about the server

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12 GamezBD Black Desert Private Server

Exp 500% Drop 500% High Rate Server, Free, No Pay2Win, Custom Features and Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Pearl Rewards, Long Term, Good Support, Join Now

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13 Desertale Online

Rate: LifeSkill EXP: 30x Horse EXP: 20x Combat EXP: 30x Skill Points: 30x Enchantment: Custom Server Drop Rate: 20x RBF Enable RBF REWARD WINNER: Radiant Adventure Box Gold Bar 10,000G Red Seal x10 LOSER: Gold Bar 1,000G x5 Red Seal x5 Seal...

0 Votes
14 Shadow Desert Remaseere

Today i wanna show you a new Private server Remastered !! Stand Archer with Blackstar weapons available!! Also the server has new accessories like Deboreka Necklace And black star armor will be added to custom bosses like new awakening weapons. -...

0 Votes

Greetings, I present to your attention a new private server Re-Birth Legend. We want to offer you our view of the universe of the Black Desert. In the plans: to change the balance of classes and PVP in general, new events, new PVP modes, new equipment....

0 Votes

Newly opened server [March 20 2022] | Combat/Skill/Life EXP Rate = 15/30/20x | Item/Gather Drop Rate = 10/10x | NA Server (Montreal CA) | Free 100 pearls every 30 minutes | Monsters drop pearl boxes | Normal channel drops tuvala items (Ore/Etc) | No...

0 Votes

LUNA BDO is openly recruiting CORSAIR beta testers. Life/Guild/Growth/Multiplier/Siege/PVP/Raid/World Boss/Reward/Enhance/Drop/etc. We wait for a lot of support from users who are knowledgeable about each field. Please write down your field of...

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드림 BD는 현재 Corsair 버전에있는 검은 사막 온라인 서버 프로젝트입니다, 우리는 헌신적이고 매우 집중적 인 팀입니다, 당신은 아무도 당신을 차별하지 않고 놀고 당신이 될 수 있습니다. 최신 버전으로 업데이트 할 수있는 유일한 실제 서버

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Hello Boys and Girls, ive found a new Black Desert private Server Its called and it is the old private server. Its based on korean Files. And has 0 Bugs The Server has nice Features, like a Teleport Feature Website based...

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dbo没有成人、不道德或非法内容 没有重复的标题、内容或网址 没有作弊,VPN,代理或机器人 没有虚假或正在建设的网站 没有下载文件

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서버 정보 버전 : 커세어 (추후 드라카 드높은 록) 기본 위치 사용률 : 10x 악세 시트 사용률 : 15x XP 환경치 : 10x 생활 환경치 : 10x 생활 환경치 : 20x 데이터 센터 위치 데이터베이스 : ASIA 시즌 채널 위치 : EU (ASIA로 이전 세분화) 루나 채널 위치 : EU (ASIA로 이전) 획) 하둠 채널 위치 : ASIA

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EXP: x6 (Max lvl - 70) - Skill Point: x20 - AFK Pearl\'s: 2000 per day - Contribution: x3 - Craft: x6 - Horse EXP: x5 - Node: x4 - Character rate: x4 - Monster rate: x2 - x6 - Enhancements: retail

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