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Drop rate Low! Exp is at 4x Come and The Real experience of battle of the immortals! A custom event

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3 Atlantis - Battle of The Immortals

The Classic Battle of the Immortals Gaming Experience on Atlantis Server! Experience the Classic Battle of the Immortals - this server is established by connoisseurs of the game, filled with old-school atmosphere and nostalgia of former BOI!

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4 [Pamizra Games][Battle of the Immortals][Hardcore][Retail]

Pamizra Games is a multiple game service, we strive to bring you the best experience of the games we currently run and future games. Battle of the Immortals we are running a retail based style with the awesome rate of x1 this is to prevent people of...

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The best BOI server out there with the most population Current gears E45, Daily zen 100k plus bonus exalted Free starterpack Come and Join us

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Battle of Immortals Private server with great rates, new community, bug free, friendly admins, lag free, professional team, updated maps and dungeons,and new bosses Free Zen, new Eternal coins, op pets, and new items new shop map

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BOI-Infinity offers a 100 Percent Free Marketplace Rate are x35 Exp, x50 Drops Custom NPCs, Custom Code, Custom Game Client Actively Developed and Modified Help us create an awesome BIO Experience

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In Battle of the Immortals players waiting for a colorful world, woven of legends and myths of antiquity Players will visit the Mount Olympus, see The Great Pyramid and Atlantis In Game 6 classes, each of which is unique Character development depends on...

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Life is meaningless in the Great Realm Drunk on slaughter, its armies clash in monstrous battles, its darkened temples reek with the blood of sacrifices, and the slave markets heave with flesh for sale The beating heart of the Great Realm is the The Pit...

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Battle of the immortals, started with retail and has a few small changesNo Zen Marketplace/Bonus Market, everything in there is FREEx5 Drop Rate/EXP

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