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PlayExclusiveSro Basic information Indicators Free silk,New Unique,job quests,Classic Game play,New ,Job Cave,Coins Level 110 - 110 custom skills totally new animations Server Information Pvp Server Cap 110 Coins Gold System Solo EXP 300x Party EXP 350x Drop Rate 3x Gold Rate 4x Free Silk 10k Races Chinese and Euro CTFWorking Job Temple Working Arena Working Unique Rank Working Academy Removed Mastery Skill Level For Chinese and Euro Mastery Skill Level For Chinese 440 Mastery Skill Level For Euro 220 FreeSilks Yes -Arenas Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Cons.,Jangan and...

Silkroad Europe [Lvl Cap 130|Skill Cap 130|Arabia Update]

High rate Silkroad server with unique rebirth system, item forge, unique skill system, daily automatic events, friendly GMs, Free Silk, Free Items, Online 24/7 EXP 150x SP 150x Party EXP 160x Drop 200x Gold 15x Berserk 10x Giant Spawn 5,5x General Move Speed 2,2x


110 cap olup. Ana Sehir JANGAN'DIR. Coin sistemi vardır. Uniqelerden coin cıkmaktadır. Mısır uniqelerimizden ve Medusadan bazı hediyeler cıkmaktadır. ( bazı scrollar, global, %5 lik premium gibi ) Baslangıc 1 lvl dir. Shoplarda 1 dg-9 dg +7 sunları 1 gold'a bulunmaktadır. 101 npc +5 set ve silah bulunmaktadır. Uniqelerden cıkan coinlerimizle fıght silah ve immortal item alınmaktadır. Fgw ile power vs itemlere ulasabilirsiniz. İp Limit:4 olacaktır. Düzenli haftada 2 defa ödüllü eventimiz olcaktır. Pwp sevdalıları için 2 haftada en iyi pwp charı secilip rütbe verilecektir. Uniqe...


n uniques appear everyday at 1100 pm QWhich fortress war working AHotan only QHow i can get luck skill buff Ayou get it from the king hyungno ghost and the king mole uniques QHow i can get TS Magic Scroll Ayou get it from isis , anubis , Arabian shaitan and roc QHow i can get Lucky Gold Scroll Ayou get it from medusa , Arabian shaitan and roc Qwhat i can do with ice trophy Ayou have to collect 2000 ice trophy and change it from GM to weapon 20 100 stats QHow i can get Egy A items Ayou get it from normal shop inside jangan town with 1 gold Qhow i can get job coin Afrom job temple mobs ...


Welcome To DarkWorldSro Cap Lvl 130 / DG 14 / New Skils / New Avatar / Free Silk / FGW / Arena / CTF


Server cap 130 Skills 130 Race ChineseEuropean Battle Arena Working System Coin New Style Weapon New Uniques New Scrolls New Events items with char Max Plus 20 With Advs r FortressWar Allowed Jangan

Athena Online

International server D10 CAP 100 PVP EU - CH Free Items Free Silk Uniques Awesome Features Respectful admins Old Trade system Battle Arena CTF Automatic Events Active GMs 24h online supporters

Sun Sro

Gab 140 - EXPSP x 200 - Party EXPSP x 215 - Golddrop x 15 - Drop x 50 - Alchemy x 1 - Auto Events

Pve Sro

Pve Server SRO system with 130 cap ,15 Dgree item , New Skill system ,Our server will give you a new uniqueSRO experience that you've never had before, due to our brand new unique system

SocietySRO Cap 90 LongTerm iSRO Style not overedited Job basedSociety

SocietySRO Cap 90 LongTerm iSRO Style not overedited Job based


Cap90/Pve/Free Silk/JobSys/MidRate /1silk-1h/ Coin Sys/ Supporter team online 24/7 /Only CH


Info of Server Servidor PVPE SILKS HR Segue a Baixo, o Sistema Do Serve Obs Podera haver Mudancas By Equipe Nova Era Sro Sistema 12D and 13D Weapons 13D SUN FGW Set 13D SUN Gold Coin e Silver Coin NPC Nova Era SRO D13 Accesory 13D SUN Arena Coin PC Nova Era SRO D13 Sistema 12D Sun Nova Era Sro Weapons 12D SUN Drop No Mirror Dimension 120 120 Hell Blod Set 12D Sun Drop No Mirror Dimension Moob 120 120 Hell Blod Accesorry 12D Sun Drop No Mirror Dimension Moob 120 Hell Blod Race Ch EU Level Cap120 Skill Cap 120 Starting Lv1 EXP Ratio 150x EXP Party...

BlackRose Sro Free silk

Free silk, Cap 120, arena survival , high rates , Eu/Ch , new skills , new weapons ,

World Of Silkroad - Oldshool Cap 70


Revolution Network SilkroadCap90 Amazing gameplay

- Cap 90 - Chinese Europe - Mastery 360- - PC limit 3 - Plus limit 12- Exp rate Mid - JOB based - Daily gift for login everyday. - CTF - New quests - Much more to be discovered

EVX SRO Online

Greetings everyone Evx SRO Online - Exp 1x Sp 1x - Drop 10x Gold 5x - Cap 80 Mastery 300 - OPENING 06202016 1000 Have Fun EVX TEAM

AsinSro l Free Items 25 l Coin System

Cap 110 Skill 10mil Gold 500mil Silk 10k Free Item 25 Free Premium 20 System Coin New 4x Scroll Honor And Gods Blessing For Coin Fortress War Work Look poll Battle Arena Work Collect Asin Coin Flag Work Magic Pop Disabled Auto pot Work Stones can be stacked 100unite D11 Added Adv D15 Free Job Guild penalties Disabled D11 Wep 10 Jangan Black s Free D11 Set and acc 10 Jangan Pro Free New Avatar Scroll INt , Str 10 Uniqes Drop Asin Coin and mops lvl 109 drop silkgold You Can Get Gold From Job To Buy Stone For Stats Scroll For Stats 100 In New Npc New 10 Scroll For Titel Name In...

Arcanos Online

EXP SOLOPT 1x2x MAX CAP Lv120Skill 120 Equipment Degree 12 Gold Rate5x Item Rate10xSOX5x Alchemy Rate 2xMedium Job Rate 5x Fortress Jangan Capture Of Flag Battle Arena Gm Bot Event

SJ Silkroad | Cap 80 | PVE | HARD RATE | D8 | ONLY CH | Free Silk Coin Sistem

This page sjsro Online is the only and official facebook page, the page has to communicate with other Sj SRO .. Sj SRO Online, Silkroad Old 80 Cap 'Private Server is based organizations. Our Official Web Site: My Our site is the official forum: Official Product Sales Site: Official Facebook Page : SJ SRO Online, old cape Silkroad private server is based on 80 organizations. On 02.20.2015 was online. You ll take much pleasure from a lot of fun and a mission was established...

Diablo-Sro l Pve Server l Cap 130 / D15 - Silkroad Online

New SRO System with Cap 130 ♦ Dgree 15 item ♦ New Skill | New Avatar| New Glow | New Quest | New Unique | New npc | New Pets | New Title Name's | New Area Town | System coin | Daily Reward System | News Scroll's | Facebook system | Evry hour get 4silks (1h/4silks) | New Style Weapon| Auto Equipment System


CompactSro High rate 130 cap Silkroad server with unique system, Weapons new Look, unique skill system, unique Auto events, daily events, friendly GMs Join us now Free SilkFree ItemsOnline 247EXP 150xSP 150xParty EXP 160xDrop 200xGold 15xBerserk 10x - Hellworld Cap 90 Old School

Cap 90 - old School - CH Onl - Old System - Game Classic - Honor Buff By Job - FGW Reward Moon Weapon - Battle arena work - Magic Pop FLag - friendly GMs Get More Fun Here

World of Silkroad High rate 130 cap Silkroad server , unique skill system, Free d1 to d12 Context menu, daily events, friendly GMs and much more D13 skills 130 Fast support 247 Experience rate 100x Party Experience rate 200x Gold rate 60x Party 2x more Item rate 100x Party 2x more Alchemy rate 20x Join us now bots allowed The flavour of the Original Silkroad its HERE

Secret Road Cap 110

Cap 110 PVE Drop Rate 80x EXP 250x New Job System Free Silk And Gold And Skill Points All Uniques Are available Auto Event


CAP 135 l PVE-PVP l Auto Events l Balanced System l Free 2 Play l Job Based System l IP Limit 3 l Vsro Based l High Rates l FGW l Old Trader System