The Dream RSPS NEW Server Raids

We understand that you have been scrolling and clicking different servers to find the best one to dedicate your time to, so we will keep this simple and sweet. We have got a dedicated and active community and staff that loves our OSRS Updates with our own RSPS styled twists. We have got everything from The Real Old School Vestas to The New Old School Raids. If you want to check out our website click here, if not keep reading. KEY FEATURES In-Game Drop Table Bonus XP Weekends Cerberus Kraken Zulrah Rigour Augury with Prayer Scroll Support Raids Staking Vestas Trading Post Voting Rewards Donator Zone PK Bounty HunterPoints with Full 10-Tier Mysterious Emblem Support Bounty Hunter with Full Target Support Graceful, Rogue, Pyromancer Multiple Skilling Outfits Support Hourly Chest Keys, PvM Caskets, Blood Money Perfect Special Weapon Animations Donator Server Ranks 247 Uptime on a Dedicated DDoS Protected VPS

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