Elyson-Online 100 Cap Ch Only Old Schhol

Dagree 10 EXPSP 40x PT Exp 50x GoldDrop 5x Chin Only Mastery 300 Fortress War .. Hotan Only Elyson-Online New System Alchemy 2x Drop Rate 8 x Trade Rate 35 x IP Limit 6 Auto Equipment Items Stacks 1000 1 Silk Per Hour after Lv 100 CTF Arena Manager Work Uniques Every 20 Minute DW Cave Have Mobs Lv 100 And Unique Lv 100 Drop Item Mall Coin System - Gold - Silk - Job Point New Npc For Avatars - Moon Weapon - Sett Sox System New Area Telporte For Job And More .. We Are Waiting For You

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