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BrilliantsMetin2 - Pvm Easy

Un server Pvm Easy de lunga durata, avem multe systeme noi, costume noi, evolutii noi, aveti si system de vote4coins din care castigati Monede Gratis si sa nu uitam de Refferal system din care luati Monede Gratuite pentru fiecare Prieten inregistrat pe link-ul vostru, serverul are ratele 500%, staff matur, si garantam longituditate.

Metin2 Osiris Reborn 2018

Ultra-Fun, 1000 rates. a lot of unique content to be discovered. Join us.


Max. level 250 | Premium system + Beginner's pack | Multi language quests | Lycans | Alchemy system | Advanced pet system | New maps/costumes/weapon skins | Free coins vote4coins + vouchers + events | Daily events/gifts | In game switchbot | Shoulder Sash system | And many more.


Server Information: Level 250 Status 90 PvM-PvP Rate 1000% Systems: Pet/Mount/costume Auction House

Metin2 Prestige - Server PVP PVM

Recent deschis 17.02.2019, acumulare puncte daca stai online, mape noi, sisteme noi, staff matur.


Rate 50 % all Server metin2 Clasic OldTime is Metin2Old

Un server de metin, unde va puteti relaxa dar in acelasi timp, va puteti ocupa timpul liber. Mod de joc: PvM – PvP. Rate: 500 Level maxim: 155. STAFF matur. Va asteptam in numar cat mai mare, pentru a va distra alaturi de noi!

Metin 2 Luna Spanish Server

Servidor 60 PvM 40 PvP Basados en old school. Sistemas de Estolas Clasicas. Sin 5ta Raza lycan 67 Bonus PvM Sin Alquimia Sistema de Reset Nuevos Mapas Nivel Maximo 120

Asterope (Metin2Fun)

Asterope is a private server like Metin2Fun from 2011, with some changes like costumes and things like that , if you want more informations check our site:


Premiu de inceput Costum Sihastru PERSONALIZAT , FMS,Clopot PGM 52 ATENTIE Lv 300 PvM PvP Sv unicat EVENT, ZUO, ACTIV EVENT, OX, HIDE, PIRAT,Trivia.Si altele Server-ul Rata de expierenta 1000, drop yang 1000 ,drop iteme 1000 si rata fierar 100 ...

Golden-Times RO PvP Unicat

Server new School de o calitate superioara

Metin2 FRZ

Metin2FRZ server Lvl max 120 PVM-PVP. Rates: EXP: 150x | Drop: 150x | Gold: 150x. 99,00% Up time, No Lag, No Bugs, System Gaya, System Title, Skinuri arme, Pet-uri noi premium, Multe animale de calarit premium, Harti Beta noi, Un Staff bun

RG-Network MiddleSchool

Metin2 Middleschool DE Like Server No Pay2Win

Metin II Alpha

Server PvM Lv 120 Detinerii existente pe server Doua Tipuri de Map.1, 3 Regate Mape Event,Mapa Shop offline,Mapa de bonusat Mape noi, Mobi noi, Iteme noi (Arme,Armuri,Costume) Freze,Monturi,Peturi,Acc, Upgrade noi,NPC noi Rate Fixe,Fierar 100%

Metin2 Ares

Metin2 Ares PVM-PVP Level 250 Rate 800% all

World of Metin3 - The path of the Dragon

New international server based on classic PvP/PvM representing golden age with familiar and yet modern game design by dedicated staff and developers. Join the Jeongbog or Bojon Dynasty and fight to the top ranking in the three-month seasons each bringing new costumes and major new features.

Metin2Regard - Classic Pvm Medium

Cel mai corect server PVM MEDIUM CLASSIC din Romania, deschis in data de 29.03.2019 | Nivel maxim: 105 | Puncte status: 90 | Bonusuri ca pe oficial | Un server classic cu bonusuri 6/7 l ServerStart 26.10.18

metin2 international is OldMiddelschool Server Max lvl 105 12languages client

Avatars2 - Metin2 Private Server

ROOT Server - OnLine since 14.10.2011 - English (International) Medium server - Max Level 135 - Cheap itemshop - Multi generations and high level items - owner: [A]BEST

World of Metin2

Enjoy our mixture of classic gameplay with the most recent updates :: Devil's catacomb :: Spider Dungeon 3 :: Aqua Dragon :: Full pet, energy and costume systems :: Multilanguage client :: 24x7 Support :: Daily Events :: Vote4Coins :: More than 800 players every day :: Join Now!

Metin2Persian International Server 2015 (English)

Lycan Charecter , Globa Chat System, Daily Events, New Maps,New Items 200x exp , 200x drop , 200x gold Level max 105, State max 90 , 14/24 GM.'s online, Item Mall i(No Costume Add ) Also in NPC & can Drop ,dedicated server , New Place Europe Updated 01.04.2015

Sykura2 - Fhle die Kraft 2018

Sykura2 ist newschool PvP-PvM Deutscher Metin2 Pserver mit alle raten 200, Viele events, Neue Quests, Maximales Level 105, Viele Neue Maps, Aktive Team, PvM Arena mit Rangliste und Coins Gewinn. Jetzt anmelden und spielen auf Sykura2

Lycan Metin2 - Reborn 2018

Midschool Server Lycan Metin2 2018, Rates 1000x, Max LvL 105, Active Lycan Character, New maps, New items, Multy events, No lagg, Itemshop, Great staff, New adventure. Join now

DevilCore The Hell is Here

Devil Core nivel max 127, pvp , evolutii noi , iteme noi , game play nou

Metin 2 Black Private Server

Server 70pvm 30pvp craft and evolution for all items