whitestuff mu online server sez 8 ep 3 srv 1 non pvp exp 150, srv 2 pvp 150, item drop 50 blod chastel 6, 7, 8, gives ramdom jwl, box 5 or talisman of chaos asambly , devil squer gives box of knudum, or broken horn, game event with 2 tipes of reworn, event in order every hour bring 1 event bc, ds, invasion, and so on ...wings lvl 1 in shop , webshop, vote for coins sistem and others .


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WhiteStuffMu Duble server Pvp, Non-Pvp
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  Votes 5
  Website URL http://whitestuff-mu.tk
  Added by yonik1988
  Date Signed Up 2017-09-25 07:57:38

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