Top 100 Silkroad Private Servers

Relevation Online A Passage To The Future

Cap 115 Degree 12 Mixed Rates Old School Job Based FGW Silk per hour Auto Equipment Balance Bug Free

Secret Road Cap 110

Cap 110 PVE Drop Rate 80x EXP 250x New Job System Free Silk And Gold And Skill Points All Uniques Are available Auto Event

SJ Silkroad | Cap 80 | PVE | HARD RATE | D8 | ONLY CH | Free Silk Coin Sistem

This page sjsro Online is the only and official facebook page, the page has to communicate with other Sj SRO .. Sj SRO Online, Silkroad Old 80 Cap 'Private Server is based organizations. Our Official Web Site: My Our site is the official forum: Official Product Sales Site: Official Facebook Page : SJ SRO Online, old cape Silkroad private server is based on 80 organizations. On 02.20.2015 was online. You ll take much pleasure from a lot of fun and a mission was established...


Game D11 Cap 110 Hello Guys Game Wll Open Soon Gift For Frist 10 Player Egy B Full Donate 50 L.E For 1 Week Big Event For Thursday For Big Reward

Silkroad Private Server Tanıtım

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Low rate Silkroad server, daily events, friendly GMs, Online 247 EXP 25x Party 30x Drop 10x Gold 2x Berserk 5x, Vote4Silk, FGW, FW, Egy

Antique Online

Antique Online Cap 110 Server with very few edits Mastery EU220CH330 Good rates for leveling up alone or in a party No IP limits Hard alchemy Max plus 14with adv Nice starting pack Custom Uniques Large stacks of items Coin system for purchasing powerfull items Vote for silk and silk per hour system

MurderSquad-sro Cap 110 PVE Arena Coin Systetm

Wellcome to new World of Private Silkroad server Cap 110 PVE exp rate 100 sp rate 50 drop rate 15 gold rate 5 alchemy rate medium new system new coin new last weapon set acc

toxin online

Gear Cap 11Level Cap 110Mastery Level 110Start Level 1Exp 40xExp Party 45xSP 40xGold Rate 15xDrop Rate 10xMax Plus 12 with AdvancedTrade 25xRace EuropeanChineseFortress War Jangan Hotan AvailableChar inventory 3 PagePet inventory 5 Inventory is AvailableSystem Isro

Silkroad GalaxyFornax 140 cap server

Silkroad 140 cap 14dg private server. Exp rates 550x Sp rates350x. Custom items, starter area, new 140 cap skills, new uniques , special elixers , daily events, active community, friendly staff


Race: EUROPE/CHINESE - Mastery: 360 - Experience: x100 - Party Experience: x120 - Item Drop Rate: x40 - Gold Drop Rate: x20-Alchemy rate 1x -Rankings [PvP-PK-JOB] New custom chests [ PVE ALIGATOR, ROC], Silk Scrols from uniques, 2silks/hour-New title system-FGW/FTW ON- New Egy B system.

Nexus Silkroad

Race EUROPECHINESE - Mastery 360 - Experience x600 - Party Experience x400 - Skill Points x200 - Item Drop Rate x200 - Gold Drop Rate x100 - Battle Arena On Every 1 hour- And much more


Purity-Online Best PVP Server Free Silk Free 17 Items Coin System Uniques Drop Silk Free2Play No Need To Make Donation Balanced Server News goods

PoweR-RoaD Server Pve Cap 130 D15 Free

Level Cap130 Mastery Cap390 Skills New Skills Lvl 130 Item Cap D15 Exp800x PartyExp900x SkillPointsExp400x Gold Drop15x Item Drop25x SoX Drop200x Alchemy Rate15 JobNew System 150x BottingAllowed Working Guild Icons. Forgotten World Enabled Capture The Flag Enabled - Every 2 hours. FortressWar Jangan FortressWar 3 times a week Friday 0700 GMT2,Sunday 0700 GMT2 Tuesday 0700 GMT2 FortressWar Registration Everyday - 0600 AM - 0500 PM New Coin System All avatars to date are added and working. All Fellow Pets added. New Quests Old Job Suits added. 100 Magic Pop...

SuperSro Cap 100 AutoEvent Survival Arena Play2Win Coin System 3Silkh

Level Cap 100 Skill Cap 100 Race ChineseEuropean Mastery Limit Chinese - 300, European - 200 Experience x15 Skill Experience x15 Party Experience x17,5 Item Drop x30 SoX Drop x5 Gold Drop x20 Job Rate 120x MaxPlus 12noAdv High Performance server DDoS Protected Stable server. IP limit 3. 3Silkh. Auto Event all 2h.


DragonEye SRO Start Cap 110Rates -Exp 30x -Pt Exp 45 -Drop 6x -Gold 2x -Alchemy 1x FGW,Job Temples,Arenas,CTF ON iSro Winter Event ON SilkHour from 101


what you find here what it was at that time 2005 and little changes - auto account create - item mall totaly free - exp,sp and drop original - global chat requires level 30 - cap 70, mastery 300 old school - free silk every hour online time - uniques spawns random spot standart time - this server is the last server without mods and custom things

Oracle Silkroad Online Cap 110 Upgrade System Play2Win AutoEvent LongTerm

We would like to present our New Server Oracle - Online The wait is over The long awaited return of your favourite old school Private SRO Server is back We welcome you with pleasure to our castle of fun and our community of glamour Oracle - Online the place where you are going to have fun , make new friends and spend a wonderful time. Our professional team will alwaythere to help whenever you ask for anything. Let us begin our journey and answer all the questions buzzing in your head right now.


Cap 110 - Only Chinese - Each hour 1 Silk - EXPSP x5 - EXPSP Party x7 - Gold x1 - Drop x2 - Alchemy x1 - PC Limit 2 - Auto Events and many more.


Cap 110 - PVE - Coin System - New Features - Wind Mastery - New Job System - S h - Special Edits


Bienvenidos A Silkroad Vehalla Grand Opening 872017 800PM GMT2 Cap110 PVP SERVER Degre11 Skill110 Race EUCH Exp Party 25x Item Drop 4x Gold drop 10x CTF Yes Battle Arena Yes Drop Arena Coin Mobs Lvl 109 DDoS Protected Yes Free 1M Silk Yes Caracteristicas Alchemyx2.5 IP Limit2 PLUS Limit23 Gold dropx10 Coin system. Original Avatars and New Avatars. New Thief Avatar. Fellow pets. Custom skill effects. unique summon scrolls. Arabia town New Special TItle names. Stones at npc. Battle arena. Old School Trading. Potions and Pills Stackable to 500. Stones...

RPGSRO Online server

RPGSRO High rate 110 cap Silkroad server with unique reborn system, item forge, unique skill system, unique character context menu, daily events, friendly GMs and much more Join us now

Seventh Reborn Cap 90 Only CH New System Free Silk Daily Coin

- Forgotten wrold Fixed - Jangan FTW Reward gold Fixed - Only CH 90 cap - 300 mastery point -new unique in donwang cave this unique have no spawn Fixed -sistem daily coin every day if u log in on first week u get up to 7 coins second week u will be abble to get up to 15 coins day Fixed -90 lvl 1silkh Fixed -in jangan cave Event Mobs added wich will drop reverse and global -in jangan cave u will find 2 Event uniques KNIGHT and PRINCESS Fixed -Capture the flagarena coin Fixed -Battle arenaarena coin Fixed -Pluse max is 12 Fixed

ViranSro 110Cap

Gm destegi asla yoktur.Emekleriniz emanetimizdir.Sen yoksun ve biz 1 kisi eksigiz sadece takipte bekleyin.

Diablo-Sro l Pve Server l Cap 130 / D15 - Silkroad Online

New SRO System with Cap 130 ♦ Dgree 15 item ♦ New Skill | New Avatar| New Glow | New Quest | New Unique | New npc | New Pets | New Title Name's | New Area Town | System coin | Daily Reward System | News Scroll's | Facebook system | Evry hour get 4silks (1h/4silks) | New Style Weapon| Auto Equipment System