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OSLegacy Your 1 Old-School Experience 67 Bosses Active Community Highscores

Our Website - Play Now Client - www.OSLegacy.orgOSLegacy.jar Community Forums - www.oslegacy.orgforumforum.php Rankings Hiscores - Key Features - All OSRS Items- Various Game Modes Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Hard Mode. - NPC Drop Table. - In-Game Trivia System with Rewards. - All skills working and trackable on Player Rankings. more. Skills- Hunter. - Farming. - Firemaking. - Crafting. - Woodcutting. - Fishing. - Fletching. - Wildy Resources. Many more skills are available. Minigames - Abyssal Nexus. - Pest Control. -...


- Many locations to PK. - Full friends list with private on/off and split chat colors! - Item Examining with ID of the item. - Flawless switching and hybriding. - Tons of custom teleports. - HUGE donator benefits. - PK points shop. - Working Dice. - Working overloads. - Working tome of frost. - 1 Click npcs. - Decent and fun economy. - Trading. - PkP & Dungeoneering System. - 100% working leeches. - Multi Barrages. - All Spirit shields working, Even their affects. - Working Teleblock. - Staff of light Special. - Working curses prayer book, including turmoil!

Ataraxia RSPS - Araxxor, Vorago, Kalphite King, RoTS Coming Soon

Economy - 6 Game-Modes - 26 Skills - Auto Server Events - Grand Exchange - Titles Divination - Prifddinas - Araxxor - Noxious - Kalpite King - Drygores - Vorago - Seismics - RoTS - Completionist Cape - Player-owned houses - Tight Community - Frequent Updates - Events


New growing rsps -Gambling - Amazing Pvm - Duo Slayer - Party Dung - WildyWyrm - Shooting Stars - Achievements - Drop tables - 2 Game Modes - Summoning - Custom Minigames - Boss Pets - Custom Titles - Come Play The New up and coming Rsps.

★ Agaroth317 ★ GE ★ Zulrah★ 24 skills ★ 26 Bosses ★ Boss pets ★ Dungeon & summon

15+ bosses, including 100% Nex and Kalphite Queens with stages Full clanchats with lootshare & coinshare & ranks Ironman, Ultimate ironman, Hardcore ironman Full bank system with searching, tabs and pins Full screen & resizable client & HD textures Dungeoneering with parties/complexity 100% Runescape grand exchange Loyalty programme with 30+ titles Ingame highscores & scoreboards Bounty hunter with potential 100+ Achievements 25+ Boss pets Perfect combat with soaking and deflecting Overload, extreme and recovery potions Automatic double Experience weekends Curses & newest regular prayers...

[317] ZXScape [ECO]

Highscores! AUTO-VOTE! Premium! (Like RS membership) Questing! Titles! Perfect combat! Statue and EP System! 100% clipping! 20+ bosses! (Some new and Premium Bosses) Economy! Clan Chat! Bank tabs! Glacors! GWD! 602+ items! 602 maps! Custom Dungeoneering! Chaotics! Pest Control! Fullscreen! HD! Customisable Client! TokHaar-Kal and Fight Kiln! Dragon defender! Summoning! 23+ skills! Achievements! Quick prayers! Curses! Revision toggling on everything! Multiple gameframes! Barrows! Player-owned shops!(a bit like GE) Lottery! Dueling! Random Events! Warriors' Guild! Sounds for almost every...


Website: Forums: Features: Many customs! Penguins drop Ckeys & can be used at chest at home bank! Amazing staff! Great Economy! Looking for staff! Looking for donator's and players too! 24/7! LAG-FREE!!!!

Runescape Legacy - Best Android RSC Server

Completely free runescape classic server that you can play on your android, PC, and more. Active community

Rex scape

We work to what you want. ECO/PK/PVM/SKILLING 10+ bosses dicing lottery friendly staff and lots more.. come and see!


Active Community, Tons of Content, Custom Skills Items. Active PKing, What more do you want in a server

RatedPixels New Server

Free Yell for everyone Re-Sizeable Client Boss Pets. Old School Runescape Items. Clue Scroll System - Easy, Medium Hard. -Barrows, Pest control, Jad, Duel arena, Warriors guild, Barbarian Assault. 10 Bosses Godwars Dungeon Kraken,Venatis,Vetion, seasnake,etc All 21 Skills Working Fully working clan chat with lootshare. Working Voting Donating Systems, with In-Game Stores. And so much more..

IndicaPs - Smoke your way to the top!

We offer fully working clan chats, minigames (Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Pest Control & more), 20+ bosses, clue scrolls, max & completionist capes, and so much more.Join now to have a great time!

LegionRS 718

LegionRS is an amazingly fun server with loads of content to explore and fun stuff to do

FuriousPk SPAWN | Login & Pk

FuriousPk is the fastest growing, highly rated, perfectly balanced SPAWN server with a side of economy to suit all preferences. Everything a Pker would want!


Revision: 667 Welcome to ChromeX the unique rsps of all time!! VPS HOSTED 24/7 !! NO LAGG!!!! Client: (If mediafire doesn't work) Client #2: Forums: Features: (Train) - Rock Crabs - Dead Zombie Island - Green Dragons - Living Rocks - Hill Giants (Minigames) - Barrows - Clan Wars - Duel Arena - Castle Wars - Fight Pits - Kiln - Fight Caves - Crucible - Dominion Tower - Recipe For Disaster - Pest...

Solid-Scape 24/7 100%FREE

Come join solidscape your 24/7 100% FREE rsps.. weekly updates working webclient no downloads needed to play !


WELCOME TO HAVOC, Made by PKers for PKers, and presented by HUGE RS YOUTUBERS. Engage in the most actively-intense clan battles, and PvP situations imaginable with multiple CASH prizes. Battle all of the top OSRS bosses, and defeat them with style. Feeling risky Take on your wildest dreams of becoming the richest in game, and unlocking the most powerful gear we have to offer. Start your battle today, we cant wait to see what ya got


The most advanced RSPS Come play today with us and over 100 players on a stable and yet fun economy. PRE-EOC - 100 BOSSSES - 20 MINIGAMES ALL SKILL PERFECT STABLE ECONOMY LARGE PLAYER BASE

Frost RS 317 Oldschool

Frost RS 317 Oldschool is a Classic private server, Active PvP - PvM, 20 Skill, Custom Bosses, 8 funny minigames, Perfect King, 99% uptime, XP Rates 10x, Active Duel Arena, 2 World Online. Join now

NEW Hazeel PS 317 GE Zulrah 25 skills 32 Boss OSLegacy

Hazeel brings you best oldschool modern content. Our active staff is there to make sure your first visit wont be your last. Hazeel is brand new and we need you to help us form the game and community. Join us today to be part of something new and different

OSRSPS - The most advanced oldschool

Real Old School Server - Pets - Zulrah - Kraken - Callisto - Scorpia - Vetion - Player Owned Shops - OSRSPS Titles - Prestiges - Achievements - Wilderness Targets Wilderness Resource Area - Full Screen OSRSPS - Loads of Custom Client Settings - Duel Arena - Lava Mithril Dragons - NPC Droptable

Bless Split(need staff)

BLESS SPLIT 317!!!! Welcome to Bless Split 317. This is new Pk/eco server. We need a coder who will code our server better! To het money go to stall and steal 20k each time. All bosses working! All minigames working!!! All pk places working!!! Pk points, KC,DC ratio !!!! All specs working!!! PK cape!!! We need someone who create forums and who cade better our server:)) Staff: Owner- Icona Pop Mod- free Mod- free Admin- free Co-Owner- free Donators: Nx69 Item giveaway at 5 players. Item giveaway at 10players. Item giveaway at 20players. Vote= 20m gp Download at:...

DougScape BETA Economy

DougScape BETA is a brand new economy server made by a brand new developer.I've got tons of bosses, some of which are custom. Check out the forums for more information.


Welcome To Runelove3 We have -daily updates -active community -active staff -active players -over 15 Rs3 bosses -diffrent modes iron man Hard Easy - Auto double exp weekned. So what are you waiting for join us now and waste the time.