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XOrbit - Erobere das Universum

XOrbit ist ein Spiel der interplanetaren Schlachten XOrbit ist ein kostenloses Weltraum Online Strategie Sci-Fi Browsergame, bei dem hunderte Spieler gleichzeitig um die Dominanz im Universum kmpfen. Um Spielen zu knnen bentigst du nur einen Browser. Angefangen wird mit einem Planeten, aber schnell baust du eine Imperium aus mehreren Planeten, Flotten, hohen Forschungen auf. Hhte dich vor deinen Feinden und untersttze deine Freunde. Derzeit gibt es 4 Universen mit verschiedenen Speeds, Einstellungen und Schiffen.

Fearless Gaming 9Class Shaper

Come and join us 9 Class Shaper Balanced Gameplay Dedicated Server No Wipe out Balanced Gameplay Unstoppable Thrill Gamestyle

Old School Ran Online Nation EP9

Welcome to Old School Ran Online Nation EPISODE 9 Classic X Midrate Gameplay 4 Original Class Balanced by the Pro PvP players Hosted in Dedicated Server Capable of 300 Players Reborn Based Quest Map 10 Max Reborn Pots and Combo Based Hunt your Own Items Build your Own Strategy ONLINE 247 New Interface Original Classic Skills Up to 167 Right Click to Equip Stats Calculator Item Compound School Wars King Of The Hill Friendly Staff 101 Walang Snobbers na GM Free 2 Play 100 Walang Bias

Destroyer Last Chaos

Ep4, Lvl Cap 200,Online Cash,Premium Buff System,New Quests, Exp x30, Sp x15, Gold x10, Affiniytyx10, Dropx25

Graveyard RanOnline - New Environment

:: 8 Years of Gaming :: Reliable Server :: High Rate Leveling and Drops :: Custom Items and Costumes :: Huntable Items Same Max RV as Max Full Donate Items :: Vehicles/Pets on NPC :: CW / CDM / SW Activated :: FREE Skills :: FREE Starter Pack ::

Crusader Travian T3.6 T4.4 25X,500X,10000X,1000000X

We have for the moment 7 servers 3 T4.4 servers 25x, 500x, 10000x 4 T3.6 servers 25x, 500x, 10000x, 1000000x

Perfect Town

1.5.3 PvE Server - Standard Rate Server. Pk instances Nation WarsTW, and Daily PvE. All maps open. VoteDonate for gold. For those that want to play Active friendly GM staff.


Univers x100MFleet x15Debris 70 - 20Construction fleet defense 0.001News three buildings that increase the number of units that can be built fleets tusks.The ability to fire multiple attacks at once.

SS-Travi, The best private server since 2012

SS-Travi it's the popular travian server since 2012. We have more than 300 players registerred every round and we growing up every day. Come and enjoy with a lot of people. Create your alliance, win the rounds, know new friends

Eternal Pirates Online

Welcome to Eternal Pirates Online! 20x Solo 25x party 3600x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly And Nice GMs, Events Weekly. Come Join Us Now!! New Class Balances! New Maps! New Bosses! New Quests! Max level is 120! 4th Rebirth System! Awesome Apparels! A bunch of PvP Arenas! Brand New Skills! Custom Game UI! Awesome Events! And Much Much More!

MaPko Reborn New Server

Do you miss old Tales of pirates systems Do you want something new with classic view just try our server low rates Max Level 125 Max Fairy Level 200 Fairy Get Exp from Killing Monsters Many Money Farming Methods Interesting Systems Balanced


Make Your Own Alliance Fight with other alliances for world domination Get new jobs More than 25 technology, more than 58 skills, various modifications of your combat units. No boring buffing The game is set to high speed of development, all are set for a comfortable game.

Dyce Ran Online

Dyce Ran EP6 Feel the golden era of 4 Balanced Class Starting Level 1 175 Max Level Skills Up to 157 Drop 5x Exp 10x BTG Activated Secured Server Classic Quest System Classic Party Leveling System Huntable All Items In-game Max Upgrade InGame 9 GameTimeToVotePoints VotingsToVotePoints EPointsToVotePoints VotePointsToEPoints Donation via EP Only No Donate Items 100 No Bias Dyce Ran Freebies 7 Armor Permanent 7 Weapon 7D NoviceKit 3pcs Mega Ultima Rosary3D Bk.point Pass7D St.point Pass7D Trans.Crd7D Bus Card7D Turtle Card7Dwith PickUPGold

Nyro Ragnarok Online

Third Job Pre-Renewal Server, Rates 50k 50k 5k, Max Stats 500 120 Gem System, Wing Forge System, Materia System, Charm System, Donation can claim in Game Quest Event. Balance Server. Gepard Shield Protected. 3 Years running active


MuRomania Season 8ep4 Premium and PRO server 2 Worlds x10 - x100 Dedicated Server, GameGuard, Unique Features Like Daily Reward, Wheel Game, Lottery Event, Unique Events,Unique Mobs,Unique MuRo Wings 4.1, and many new stuff.

Mythica Mu

Version Season 12 Exp 8000x Drop 80 MaxLevel 400 Max Character Stats32767 Max ML440 Excellent Ancient TierYes Socket Items Yes Socket slots5 Excellent Item OptionsFull Options Ancient PentagramYes Muun PetsYes New Sets and Weapons


255-120 - 5k-5k-1k - 255 Max Stat - 195 Max ASPD - Hunt, Quest, PK Oriented Server - Protected from DDoS - Gepard Protection - Hosted in Asia

Vendetta Flyff

Vendetta Flyff is proud to announce the arrival of a Player Driven Server that takes all input from players and tries to do the best for the overall community. We offer a range of customised content and intriguing features that keep players interested for a long period of time. Including our Prestige system. Join today to find out more

Legend Dekaron

New A3 Server with 11 Classes , Start at level 110, Unique leveling, AFK Fishing for DK CoinsFeathers, Max Level 250, Custom set updates comes frequently.

Revolution Network SilkroadCap90 Amazing gameplay

- Cap 90 - Chinese Europe - Mastery 360- - PC limit 3 - Plus limit 12- Exp rate Mid - JOB based - Daily gift for login everyday. - CTF - New quests - Much more to be discovered


Cap 130 . Dg14 . CHIN EUR .390260 New System Area Skill Vote System Coin System Auto Event Daily Event Free Download

Warriors Way Online Cap 90 Eu Ch Non Bot Zero Edits Custom Quests

The game Warriors Way Online is a Bulgarian long term, non bot, classic international server. We provide the game in two languagesBulgarian fully translated game client and English client.The grand opening of server Tangra was on 20.12.2016 .Warriors way online started with 90 lv cap,its based on old job system, server rates are with custom modified exp and sp ratessee bellow .We make a old school classic game server.Players can enjoy the game without using bots. Join our community Warriors Way Online - Server Tangra Gameplay Classic Old school gameplay Client Language Bulgarian English ISRO...

Velorium Space

Join the best Ogame Private Server out there. We are a midspeed Universe with a bunch of helpful features so we assure you a great Start So join us today and raise to the top We offer 5 Languages English, german,russian,italian and spanish

Radical Server - 5.4.8 - Espaol

Servidor Radical Server, World of Warcraft Parche 5.4.8, temporada Orgulloso Tier15, Servidor de habla hispana, Comunidad Amigable y agradable, ambiente de juego competitivo Profesiones funcionando 100, Todas las Clases Funcionales y actualizadas constantemente. Maestros del Juego activos y pendientes. Rates -Exp x5 -Reputacion x2 -Oro x2 -Honor x2 Promocion actual para los jugadores nuevos, promocion activa para migracion de guild, Migracion Espejo hasta la expansion 4.3.4. descarga el addon y realiza el proceso desde nustra web, Bosses del mundo funcionales, Todos los campos de...


Think you have what it takes to be the best Become the most feared of all Be the richest in the world Will you survive and build your reputation, or will you be destroyed Many people around the world think you havent got what it takes. WRONG Well lets see what you got