WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List


Servidor Totalmente brasileiro

BlizzLikeWorld Progressive x15

Blizzlikeworld is a progressive private server with x15 xp rates, and gold Updates,every weak gamemasters active all the time to support you join us today


RisingWoW is a World of Warcraft private server supporting client version 3.3.5a.Currently we have a blizzlike realm with 40x rates.Our goal is to provide our users with a bug-free and great server so they really can enjoy playing on our server.We are in need of a bigger population to improve gameplay between everybody and to activate PvP and instances.We are currently planning to make a new roleplaying realm as well. Read our forums for more information about this great server.

Holymord ALL GM RP server

335 ALL GM server with 8 years tradition, server is mainly czech but we are open to public (we'll open it more for international players) For roleplayers, developers and people looking for fun Chat with new friends, build something awesome, test your stuff, roleplay, explore WoW, learn GM commands and secrets of WoW

Ascension - WoW Instant 80 WotLK PVPPVE



Was euch auf FrostWolf-WoW erwartet: Benutzerfreundliches User Panel Täglicher Support Serverkonzept: High Rate (15x +) Funktionierende Raids / BGs Originalgetreue Contenteröffnung und anspruchsvolle Bosse Moderne leistungsstarke Server Einen WotLK-Realm, (PVP) Aktives Entwicklungsteam und wöchentliche Serverupdates Charaktertransfer und Fraktionswechsel auf unseren Servern Alle Flugrouten Großes Start Packet (Im Start NPC wo ihr Startet)

MGT Studios WoW Server 6.2.3

World of Warcraft Warlords of Dreanor Private Server. Blizzlike with high rates. Minor bugs. Everyday update. New Server.

Offender WotLK crossrealm BG FUN 3.3.5a server

With all classes working, fully working icculduarnaxx PvP arenas, solo que 3v31v1, tournaments after pvp season etc.

Trinity WoW

Classic Wrath of The Lich King, Blizzlike secure and updated weekly. To hell with Bliizards latest patches, come play the best expansion ever, absolutely FREE!

WoW Privat Server 3.3.5A Blizzlike

Spiel mit uns auf unserem wow privat Server. Version 3.3.5A Blizzlike. Wir suchen noch administratoren :)


The server with best scripts - 335a - 5x rates - Fully scripted classes - Fully scripted Raids and Dungeons - Arena seasons with different awards - Transmog - Low Ping Professional staff - The best WOTLK experience - Join us


Latest Patch 71023222, 3x rates, 10 gold start, Up-To-Date Development, Demon Hunters working, Cross Faction gameplay


Servidor de WoW Argentina 3.3.5a. Exp: x2, Reclutar: x4. Max level 100. Servidor de buena calidad 24/7.

tranquilitywow 2x rate open beta progressive 3.3.5

Hey all. Us at project tranquility are requesting players to test our server after been in development for a few months now. What is project tranquility Project tranquillity is a 3.3.5 progressive server. This means that bc and wotlk content is currently locked and the other expansions will be opened as time passes. Dungeon finder is also disabled. This just sounds just like primal wow what makes project tranquility a viable option Me and many of the staff members used to play on primal and we werent happy with how they changed the code to give very high buffs to the bosses in raids....

Neltharion WoW 3.3.5

LVL 80 StartcharTransmog NpcAlle Raten Blizzlike99 Funktionieren Content Auto Balance SystemRandom Entchant SystemAnticheat SystemItems bis zu 200 StackbarErbstckhndler in jedem Startgebiet

1.12.x Playerbot AHBot 150x XP Soloable Dungeons

A brand new Blizzlike Vanilla server with dedicated hosting. We have Playerbot enabled and custom exp and drop rate AHBot and our elite mobs have been scaled to a soloable level! Try us out! :D

Servidor Wow-Mx

WOW-MX con una promoción limitada [promo al level 1]! te damos 2 pjs 80 con t9, incansable, 7k de oro, honor, profesiones y monturas. Set realmlist y visita y regístrate! Eventos todos los fines de semana.

Leyendas de Azeroth ESP 3.3.5a

Servidor de Hispano 100% Blizzlike - Versión: 3.3.5a - - Sistema de compra de items con votaciones - Instances y Bandas 100% Blizzlike - Arenas y BG\'s 100% Blizzlike - Equipo Con experiencia desde la classic Rates x5 nada custom!

AmdWoW BeyondTheCall3.3.5a

PVPPVE Instant lvl 85 Custom Items,Bosses,malls,scripts VIP System world Chat Old AmdWoW BeyondTheCall3.3.5a Server Information We are hosted on a powerfull dedicated machine with following info CPUINTEL Xeon 4x 2.50 Ghz Processor 32 GB DDR3 Memory RAM HDD 1.5 TB Port1 Gbps Server Location Europe

ESCAPEwow - Blizzlike Cata 4.3.4

NO LAG / BG's 100% Work / Dungeon/Quest/Skills/Talents 99,99% work 1GBps/connect WORLD

Black WoW PvP Extremo

Novo Server de WoW - Wrathful Free, Area de Duels, Shops Custom, S9 e S10 por Honor. Scripts Custom e ETC... Black WoW PvP Extremo

Xtreme Gamers WoW

3.3.5a, Blizzlike x1 Realm, x5 WotLK Realm, x1 Cata Realm, Free to play, No donations required

Nutri Turbo

Instant 80 pvp


5.4.8. Patch Blizzlike Realms 5x Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons and Raids including ICC Gunship fully working Dungeon Finder Wintergrasp PvP Ranking System with Arena seasons Vote rewards Anti-Cheat system 10Gbps Lowest latency

Trixion WoW

Come join the fun of our unique 85 funserver 60-85 High xp ratesCustom InstancesCustom eventsScripted World Bosses Unique-MallFriendly StaffProffesionsXmog